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Eternal Prey--chapter 10

So my obsession, when I'm not editing, writing, or (...I still can't talk about it, but it's REALLY COOL. Not life-changing book deal cool or anything like that. But it's cool. So yeah. CENSORED) has been this game called Flight Rising.

I have not shared much about this because we kind of collectively broke the servers and they shut down registration about a week after I joined, and I didn't feel it was fair to share the awesome when I'm the only one who gets to participate (unless one of you have an account. DO YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT?)

Anyway, It's a dragon breeding site. It's PRETTY. 

It's also an AMAZING drama magnet, and I'm definately a car-wreck sort of girl. For example, tonight a new breed came out, and we almost broke the new servers. I've been camped on the FR tag on Tumblr going all:

It's digital pictures of dragons, guys. DIGITAL PICTURES OF DRAGONS. CALM THE FUCK DOWN

So yeah. I thought I'd share. And give you fair warning because I am going to DEMAND ya'll show up over there and we do the dragon thing together just as soon as they start letting new people join. So. You know. Bookmark.

(FYI I get to spend about an hour or to on the site a day. It'd be real nice if I had friends there)

So. When we last left our heroes...

Fin is about to meet with his long-annoying brother Seir. The other dinos have showed up with their wives and Utah is still a flaming bag of dicks. He's got to go rescue Lia. Because, you know, there's no way she could rescue herself once she's a vampire. It's not like Bella-with-a-sword will go "LIA SMASH" as soon as she's awake, right?

Seir teleports into the room--he'd better fucking teleport everybody into Lia's mortuary, otherwise this book gets the finger--and the family sniping begins. Apparently Earth is Fin's favorite toy and he doesn't like sharing because Zero tends to break it. Seir's position is basically Q. Again.

Utah hears a random heartbeat. Okay.

Christine/Seven moved everybody out after they turned Lia, and Seir has no idea where she is now. Great, we've handwaved that conflict away. What now?

Ty asks how Fin is connected to Zero. Fin, being a reasonable simi-omnipotent deity-thing, fucking mind-wipes the entire room. Except for Utah. Apparently he is developing the Powers of the Sue and it's putting a real cramp in Fin's style. Even Seir picks up on it.

Fin decides to trap Seir in the condo so that Seir will stay out of trouble and maybe start talking. He fights it, shaking the condo's foundations, knocking pictures off walls, breaking glass, and basically demonstrating that he's also a simi-omnipotent deity-thing. How does he react when he discovers he can't escape?

“Jerk. Where’s my room?”
Four. You're four. Here's a rubber ducky and a pair of footie pajamas.

Utah and Tor start to discuss planning. Seir follows them:

“You’re supposed to show me to my prison cell.” Seir stopped beside Utah. “Will you chain me to my bed?” A wicked little smile worked at the corners of his mouth. “The kink calls to me. Maybe you . .  . or your brother could entertain me there.”
Random ellipsis for the win. Random incest, not so much.

So they drag him to his room, and then go back, and Fin tells them they're looking everywhere for Seven, who has a real fetish for living things, as long as said things aren't human. Utah gets paired up with Kione.

...the flaming bag of dicks and the emotionless pointy eared non-human. Holy shit, this is based on a Star Trek fic, isn't it?

Also: Fin. I don't actually give a fuck about you, but it's really hard for me to take your badassery seriously when you stay behind to "mentally mess with" your brothers. Oh, yeah, Zero is totally Fin and Seir's brother. As if you couldn't guess.

Meanwhile, Lia wakes up. And THANK FUCKING GOD it is short and sweet and there are no descriptions of dust motes. There is a strange man at her bedside giving her blood. I would be freaked. She's just hoping that the source isn't unwilling.

You're in the bad chick's lair. I do not think Seven is going to have your first meal fill out a permission slip and consent form.

But it is apparently the Best Blood Ever, and of course, when he turns on the light it is Zero, who else would it be. He isn't identified but glittery tinsel hair is the dead giveaway. His is red.

 Lia flipped off her awake switch before he finished his sentence.
You know, I can't decide if Nina needs to stop using tech to describe things, or if she needs to describe all the things, because I am not tired of it yet. AWAKE SWITCH. FEELING FIELD. 

Zero apparently has hallucinogenic blood, because he hypnotizes Lia into wanting to feed on Utah until Utah is dead, the next time she and he are alone. Oh, and she won't hunt Seven, because protecting your assets is TOTALLY secondary to breaking up a romance novel's primary couple.

The chapter ends with Lia falling back asleep. 

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