Friday, July 1, 2011

Job suck

Okay. I still love my job, mostly because I make a lot of money for doing (comparatively) easy work. Give people drinks, bring food, hope to god they don't pass out on you (this happened on Wednesday) (According to my boss I did pretty well.) go home, consume alcoholic beverage (not necessarily in that order).

BUT! I am now looking down the barrel of what always happens to me when I get a job.

My boss understands that I am reliable.

They realize that they can say "Show up at 7am after you worked until ten PM last night" and I will show up (BTW alcohol consumption on weekends has a medicinal use: I CANNOT SLEEP AFTER WORKING A FULL SHIFT WITHOUT IT. I am so jacked up on adrenaline that I cannot just go to sleep. usually can unwind with a video game or a good book or something else majestically enjoyable, and ease into sleep about 1 in the morning. Weekends? Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred gil. Go directly to bed. Only it doesn't work. I can take over the counter sleep aids, but these are all generic Benedryl, which jacks me up badly. Or I can have a sake mohito with mint, and sleep like a baby without feeling like I just got strung out on bad weed. Which I have never had. I just imagine bad weed feeling like a Benedryl night)

So the boss makes ME their go-to person. Which would be fine...if I did not always wind up in those jobs were "go to" means "You don't REALLY need a weekend. Right?"

Short of it? I get to go in at two pm today to make desserts. I get to stay until ELEVEN because we're open until ten tonight (fuck), wake up tomorrow at six and be at work at seven (fuck) go home at noon, come back at (please god,) four (and not two. Please god. Please) work until ELEVEN, go home, come back at seven, stay until TWO PM, come back early because it's Sunday before the fourth and people are out celebrating, stay until eleven, and get up at six AGAIN. (FUCK)

Obviously, as an employee, I do not deserve to have a life or any interests other than work. Yes. I understand that my boss wants to make money. But I have made my money this month, and any extra cash matters not when I CAN'T SPEND IT ON ANYTHING BECAUSE I AM TOO BUSY WORKING.

Meanwhile I have a stack of books to read, two new ideas I'm working on, and a painting in that perpetual state of almost-finished that will never actually be finished because I AM TOO BUSY WORKING.

The next days i have off? I don't care. I am off. I do not want visitors, I do not want to talk with anybody. I want to sleep until noon and do nothing but write, edit and read.

Kiss my grits, boys and girls.