Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Indie Book Review Suggestion Page

So I've decided to do independant and/or Self Published book reviews. Why? Well, one, that's the kind of house I live in, and two...because reviewing books is what I do.

So if you have a book you'd like me to review, let me know here. And please include information on how I can get my hands on a copy of it to read. I actually prefer e-books, as those are easier (and cheaper) to get than good old-fashioned paper books.

Yeah, not a big, earth-shattering post. Yet. We'll see in the future how things go.

Edit 9/7 Okay, let me add a couple of things to this, okay? The response has REALLY surprised me, in a pleasant way. Just a couple of ground rules:

1. PLEASE LINK TO YOUR BOOK. If I cannot FIND your book I cannot READ your book. So please. Please please please please please point me in the right direction. Also give me some form of contact information so that I can tell you when the review is up and/or ask questions.

2. Please have a thick skin. I promise to review your book but! And it's a big but! I have to make the review honest and  entertaining, and I'm concerned that entertaining and honesty might not always be nice to hear.  I promise to list the good points too, don't worry, know, be braced.

One final thing? I have a life that is not always book friendly, and I didn't anticipate how AWESOME you guys were going to be with this. So please be patient. I promise to post one review a week, minimum, but given how quickly the line is filling up (really, I am totally psyched about this) that might be a pretty long wait. If I didn't have the day job, it'd be better. But I do. So it's not.

Thank you guys SO MUCH for being awesome. This is gonna be so much fun...


  1. I would love for you to review my novel. It's a fantasy novel called The Vessel and its independently published by me.

    The Vessel can be found on Smashwords, iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. I can give you a Smashwords coupon to download the book for free. Email me at for any questions!

  2. I would love for you to review my book as well. Prophecy is the first in my planned 5 book sci-fi/fantasy series called The Ghost Wars Saga.

    Here are the links to B&N and Amazon

    I'm also your friend on Goodreads lol.

    If you don't feel like paying the $4.50 just let me know. I do have the .mobi file from amazon I can e-mail you.

  3. Justin: Will do. :D

    Mike: Please either link to your book or confirm that it's this one: smashwords gave me quite a few choices and I want to make sure that's yours....

  4. I am respectfully requesting a book review for Fire Baptized (Book One of Habitat Series). Fire Baptized is currently on Amazon's Dark Fantasy Bestseller list and Fantasy Series Bestseller list. Additionally, many reviewers and readers compare my books to Stacia Kane (Downside Ghost series) and Laurel K. Hamilton's (earlier Anita Blake books).

    It has over 200 Goodreads reviews ( ) and 73 reviews on Amazon ( ).

    Author: Kenya Wright
    Title: Fire Baptized
    Genre: Urban Fantasy (Main plotline is mystery. Subplotline is romance.)
    Publisher: Dragonfairy Press ( )
    Release date: Jan 16, 2012
    Page Count: 286
    Sexual Content: There is one sex scene toward the end of the book. There is an adult situation involving sensuality in the middle of the book.
    Additional Notes: Book contains violence, some gore, and minimal drug use.

    Amazon buy link:

    Author's website: (currently being revamped)
    book trailer:

    Thanks so much!

  5. I forgot to say that my email address is wrigkenya at gmail dot com

  6. Hello,
    I would love to send you a .pdf of my fantasy novel "The Bone Sword." The book was published with Rhemalda (a small, traditional publisher) in 2010, you can read more about it here:

    I also have a humorous travel memoir that might interest you. The book is titled "Beyond Birkie Fever" and is currently featured in the Chippewa Valley Book Festival. You can learn more about that here:

    I can be reached at walterrhein at gmail dot com. Let me know and I'll send you e-versions of one or both of the titles.

  7. Hi there!

    My name is L.M. Sherwin and I would love it if you could review my book, "Night Bells. It is a fantasy//science-fiction novel. I can even email you a PDF if you like. It is available on Amazon:

    Here is a synopsis:

    Lord Maslyn has been a prisoner in his own home for the last six years. When the twelve year old noble of New Kristiansand discovers a secret passageway in his tower, he delves into a world of adventure, intrigue, and secrecy. With the help of a mysterious stranger and his friend Arna, Lord Maslyn seeks to unravel the secrets of his past and to plot his escape from his castle prison. As his life changes drastically, he is drawn into the larger tale of his elder twin brothers. Can he unearth the secrets of his family’s past without endangering those he has come to hold dear?

    You can contact me at and my website is

  8. It would be awesome if you could review my 6000 word short story, Right Now. It's at Smashwords free with coupon: AQ55S
    Sarah Baethge

  9. Hi! I found your blog through the LKH Lashouts, and I have to say I'm tearing my way through your NIC chapter-by-chapter review. I've found it very insightful and the only way to read LKH post-Obsidian (have someone else read it for you).

    I'd love you to apply that insight to my book, City of Promise. It's not self-published, but it is small-press published, which has many of the same issues with exposure as independent presses. The Amazon link is: If you'd like a free copy, email me at deprough @ with an return email address and your preferred format, epub, mobi or pdf. Then I'll have my publisher send it to you in that format.

    Thank you for all you do for readers and writers, from reviewing terrible books so we won't read them to review books. They are great services and I appreciate both of them!

  10. I would love it if you would do mine. Also I want to buy your books but I want to pay more than a dollar for each of them. (I don't believe in buying .99 books) Can I arrange this with you?

    I own a small press and also publish through it. Please find it here:

    Here's the blurb:

    Ashrinn Pinecroft has spent a lifetime trying to forget his mixed family’s expulsion from his native Iran, so much so that he finds himself halfway across the world, having made a career out of the American elite anti-terrorist unit, Delta Force.

    When a sniper’s bullet and a worsening mental illness cut that career short, Ashrinn will do anything to feel useful.

    Even believe in magic.

    The Zoroastrian myths his mother entertained him with as a child have found new, twisted life in the streets of Seattle, and he has a central role to play whether he likes it or not. Ashrinn must use his newfound divine powers to save the Pacific Northwest from an evil snake handling cult, a cult hell bent on sacrificing him to their demon god.

    With a group of ragtag comrades including a half crazy werewolf, a psychic sniper, and his equally blessed best friend and former Delta teammate at his side, Ashrinn will do everything he can to combat the corruption eating away at his new home.

    Yet sometimes, the greatest horror imaginable and the things held most dear are one and the same, and corruption is not so easily spotted when it hits close to home.

    1. Oh yeah, it's called No Deadly Thing :P

  11. Sigh. I fail. Email is

  12. Hi, love your site!
    I was wondering if you would be kind enough to download my new novel which will be free this Thursday (May 15th) and to write a review?
    The Blurb: A Story about Murder, University and not playing by the rules. A lonely university freshman, Alex Longley, is befriended by an enigmatic and mysterious group of friends who introduce him to a unique new way of life that is above the rules. However, as events unravel and things spiral out of control, everything Alex thought he knew begins to seem uncertain.
    It is a New Adult thriller and a coming of age story with a bite.
    I would be really grateful if you could take the time to check it out, hey, if nothing else it’s always nice to get a free book, right?
    Here is a link to it:
    All my best,
    Jay Stritch