Saturday, September 29, 2012

And the "OH F**K" Meter hits defcon one...

I just realized something.

See that counter, there? It's set to tick down to zero on Monday. Midnight on Monday. Midnight, October first.

As in this thing? Will have to start going through the smashwords/amazon processing masher sometime well before midnight on Sunday, 'cause it takes about six hours for Amazon to finish processing Things and I now know that Amazon is all you (wonderful, awesome) people care about. Except for you. And you know who you are. And I love you to little bitty pieces.

ANYWAY! Problem here? THIS IS THE WEEKEND. And I am a waitress. And weekends? ARE CRAZY. And I promised family I would do the family thing during my free time. I WILL MAKE THIS DEADLINE MY FRIENDS. I PROMISE.

In other news...I MADE MY GOAL FOR THIS MONTH re:BOOK SALES. Admittedly it was a small goal BUT IT WAS A GOAL AND IT WAS MADE. BY YOU GUYS! YOU WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL GUYS! You are why I am going to work my ass off this weekend to get Self Imposed Deadline met and past met.

This month? If I make the goal this month? (It is not the tattoo goal. The tattoo goal is 100 copies of one title sold in one day, and I am 100% sure that my hide is safe from ever getting shot by a tattoo gun. October's goal is significantly smaller.) we will have to do A Thing to celebrate. I do not know what this goal will be, but it will be A Thing. Ideas for how you'd like me to celebrate Goal Reaching? These would be helpful. I'll also provide wallpapers of artworks.

Now I have to go finish final proofreading and formatting before I have to go work. BECAUSE WORK IS AN IMPORTANT THING TOO.

And OMG PEOPLE! OMG! I just found out! Something that could potentially be awesome! Remember Chloe the "kitten"?

We took her to the vet because she's been drooling a lot. Turns out, she's got gum disease and is not a kitten. Just a very very small, year old cat.

And she might be pregnant. THERE MAY BE KITTENS IN OUR FUTURE! YAY! MY KITTEN CRAVING MAY FINALLY BE SATED! and yeah, finding homes and fixings and other things lie in the future as well and there may not be kittens at all BUT THERE MIGHT BE! I will keep you posted.


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