Book covers, trailers and art services

I do all my own book covers, and I've decided to offer my services to other folk in need of decent artwork.

This is the kind of stuff I do:


Premade covers: $25-50, prices as listed. Dimensions are usually 2000px by 3000px at 300 DPI. These will be traded out as one sells and others are made. You receive the right to reprint for all advertisements. I request only that proper credit be given. Fonts displayed are my suggestion, but they can be altered as needed. Full covers--front, back and spine--can be created for a small up charge ($20-30, usually) I reserve the right to display purchased covers on my website and on my portfolios as examples of work.

If you want one of these, comment on this page with your contact information and the cover number and I will get in touch with you.
Cover three $20

Cover Two $25
Cover One $30
 Custom 3d cover: $50-$100 or $20 an hour. Content depends on the models and textures owned by yours truly.

Custom drawn cover: $50-200, depending on complexity. 

Customer painted cover: $100-$500, or $20 an hour, depending on complexity. Estimate one to two weeks for production and delivery. I will ONLY take one full-painted commission at a time.

This would be $450
This would be $100

Other Services:

Custom 3d textures: You've got the software and the models, but you don't have Sir Edward's coat exactly as described. I'm willing to work up a full set of textures for any DAZ/Poser model at $20 an hour.

Book Trailers: Absolutely, at production costs (ie 3d models and/or requested textures, royalty free music) plus, you guessed it, $20 an hour.

Self-Publishing advice: I'm not charging for this. If you have a book and you want to self publish it, contact me and we can set something up. I'll walk you through getting your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the other retailers, how to find things like book cover artists and editors, who to listen to, and most importantly, who to avoid.

Please use the comments section on this page and provide an e-mail address and other contact information. I will contact you and discuss the details. Pricing is negotiable. 

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