Friday, September 14, 2012

Soda Wars

Dear Mike Bloomberg,

Thank you for joining the ranks of morons like the rape-senator from Missouri who think that you can legislate morality.

I sincerely hope that is what you are trying to do. Just as I sincerely hope that people on anti-abortion platforms want to save babies, and that people pushing Obama-care through really do want to give us better health care. Your efforts are going to be misused something awful, but I hope to God your heart, at least, is in the right place.

Because if it's not you are a son of a bitch who should never go near a political campaign ever again, let alone actively hold office.

Yes. I know it's just New York and not Texas. I know it's just a big gulp. It doesn't look like my fight. It is. Because now everybody else in the country has seen that you can get away with this shit. You can control what the population does, as long as you tell them its for their own good. And now somebody else, somewhere, is going to try it. And then somebody is going to try to do it with something that isn't soda. Maybe it'll be goth clothes or shirts that say "fuck you" on the front. Because shit like this is not about doing what is right for people. It is about controlling the population's behavior.

I don't care if it's a soda, abortion, smoking, drinking, tattoos, hair cuts, eye exams or a doctor's exam. NO FORM OF GOVERNMENT SHOULD TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT DO WITH MY OWN BODY. And when they do, it's not for my own good. It's never for my own good. It's because they want to control me, how I think, feel, spend money, and what I do. And when you can dress a control play up in a pretty hat, like "it's for the babies" or "it's for your health" you've won half the battle right there.

I am pro-life AND pro-choice, children. I think that abortion is wrong, but I think the idea of letting Uncle Sam decide what I can and can't do is much more frightening than the idea of dead babies.

I'm gonna add pro-soda pop to the list now, too. It's a dumb as fuck thing to have to write a blog post about, but it's a dumb-as-fuck thing for somebody to be writing legislation about.

Can we please stop doing this? Please?

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