Monday, September 3, 2012

Starbleached is live on Smashwords! AND FREE!!

It is now official! Starbleached is now live!

Most of you will know I've been promising this book for free for the last couple weeks or so, and that I wanted to offer it for free for the weekend of 9/8-9. Well, that plan has changed a bit.

It's free now. Via coupon, of course. And it will be free (via coupon) through the 10th.

Coupon code is ST83W

Go and get it, boys and girls! 



  1. Have I mentioned that I am very happy you're releasing this in epub format? I'm very happy you're releasing this in epub.

    Now, if Kindle would just let me uninstall it...

  2. I'd laugh, if Amazon wasn't a way worse deal for self pubbing authors. Smashwords is much kinder to work with