Thursday, July 25, 2013

State of the CW

Well, summer sucks. Summer usually sucks. Why people leave parts of the country that are actually, you know, cool, and come down here where it's hot and the nearest culture is in a petri dish, I'll never know. (Seriously. WHY COME TO TEXAS IN THE SUMMER? October and November. It'll be warm but not fuck-me hot, the ocean will still be swimmable and THERE WILL BE NO TOURISTS.)

Oh, and I've put up the Exiles Omnibus. Several days ago. IDK why I didn't announce it. It's over here

Even better news: Starbleached is once again off KDP select and this time I have no intention of putting it back. I know. I said that last time. The Omnibus, however, kind of puts that nail in the coffin. I'm going to come up with a halfway decent alternative. Speaking of which, the omnibus is live over on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble is processing their version.

Dragon's Breath will go live August Fifth. Guys, you know how awkward I am about asking for things. (If you don't know, well, you'll learn soon) I don't go "Buy my shit" all the time because I know most of you don't come here for that. But please. Please please please please please support this book. I invested a lot in this one, it's my move up to the next level. I am REALLY nervous about how well it will do.

Support this book and I will love you forever.

Anyway, I'm doing some of the formatting now, I'll have the site all pretty over the next couple of days.

Alright. Peace out, have a good night, and I'll see you with the next chunk of Incubus

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