Friday, July 26, 2013

Incubus Dreams chapter 51-52

So Anita and Nate are still having sex.

It goes on for pages. Anita gives Nate permission to come, things progress and...then Anita's inner beast goes out of control?

...Because it gives Anita an excuse to make mind-to-mind contact with Richard again. Right.

At this point I should probably start a "Leave Richard Alone" club, because Jesus. This relationship should be dead now. Leave it ALONE.

Richard tells Anita to "give her beast" to either Nate or Jason, or both. This sounds remarkably like saying "Give someone else your charlie horse" but I am not one to judge. And of course it involves sex and feeding the ardeur because apparently the ardeur went unfed during the tooth-play scene.

Either that, or LKH has Dory's memory issues and forgets who screwed whom when every time she closes Microsoft Word.

The chapter ends with Anita surrendering to something, and the next chapter opens with her ripping somebody else to shreds because FUCK IF I KNOW WHY. It turns out to be Jason and he is bleeding. Great. Nice. Wonderful.

Can we trade in the heroines please? This one's broken and her jagged edges are hurting people.

And of course Jason shape-shifts on top of Anita and this time she doesn't freak out.

Our Anita is a fucking hypocrite, people.

Also: I have never asked this question before, but why are the shape-shifters mucus monsters? Why do they have to get ooze everywhere? Is there some greater symbolism here or are we eventually going to say "Fuck it" and go straight for the Great Old Ones?

For the record I would MUCH rather have Anita attempt a sex scene between herself and a Lovecraftian horror than I would have somebody try to explain the greater sexual symbolism of having shapeshifters reinact "Igon, here's your mucus."

The shapeshifters are big and kind of scary and they are pinning Anita down. She's not moving much because, you know, both these species are known for looking at men and thinking "Porkchops!"

But hey, at least it can't get too much wors--

“Then let me go,” I said, and my voice was even, normal, my pulse slowing down. “Not yet,” Nathaniel said, with his face still pressed against my face. Jason looked at him. “Why not?” he asked, before I could. “Because she still needs to feed the ardeur.” I wouldn’t have thought that a wolf face could show that much incredulity, but Jason’s did. “Anita doesn’t do furry.”
Oh, how could I have forgotten LKH's non-con fetish.

(Yeah, I know. I'm going to try REALLY HARD not to read too much shit into Laurel K. Hamilton's personal life, but I've also read fifty-TWO chapters of sex and NONE OF IT was openly consensual. You don't have to be Sherlock to understand this.)

But I am sure that somebody says something that will make all of this oka--

“Let me go, and maybe,” I said.“I like holding you down. I like us both holding you down,” he growled against my skin. “I thought you didn’t like to be in charge,” I said. “I don’t usually, but today I do. Today I love the feel of your body under mine. I love feeling you fight not to struggle, not to panic. I can taste your self-control on my tongue. I want to lick it away.” “Nathaniel,” I said. “Say yes, Anita, just say yes. Feed the ardeur, then you can shower, while we go looking for other things to eat.”
In other words:  They are doing rape-play and Nate is really getting off on it.

Anybody else need tequila? I'm gonna go get some.

Hey, let's revisit Richard, and Anita's abandonment of him, because we haven't smashed THAT nail into the ground hard enough:

Once upon a time I’d begged Richard to show me his beast. But when he did it, I hadn’t been able to deal. It took me a long time to realize that Richard had shown me his beast in the worst light possible, because part of him didn’t want me to be able to accept the beast, because he couldn’t. I’d run from him after seeing him eat Marcus. I’d run from him to Jean-Claude, because the vampire had seemed less the monster that night.

HE TOLD YOU. AND HE BEGGED YOU NOT TO PUSH HIM. And then when you KEPT. FUCKING. PUSHING he begged you to please, oh please, oh please not run because he would really need your support after that night was over. Because he knew he had to eat Marcus if he won.

You ran to his romantic rival and gave him a comfort blow-job because this somehow makes sense.

And hey, you know what? I was going to be the big girl. I wasn't going to bring this up. But you brought it up, so you know what? FUCK YOU. You can't accept Richard shapeshifting on top of you and coating you with goo, but you can deal with Nate and Jason. You couldn't handle Richard eating his enemy--and again, he might not have given you all the details, but "I DON'T WANT TO IT WILL BE REALLY BAD" Coming from somebody who had to camp out at the Circus for Jean Claude's amusement? IT'S GONNA BE BAD--but you can handle having two half-shifted monsters holding you down in bed and demanding sex

You are a fucking hypocrite, and in another two pages you're gonna make that literal, aren't you?

So Anita decides that because she really really loves Nate and Jason, she'll screw them furry.

...and now my search strings are going to be full of variations on a theme of y*ffing, aren't they? (Word censored because seriously, please no.)

The chapter ends with intercourse. And just because this is LKH and the teeth thing wasn't enough, she lets us know in vauge-yet-terrifying detail that the shapeshifting to Leopard did indeed extend to Nathanial's penis.

I'm going to go have more tequila. Dragon's Breath pt. one goes live on Monday, I love you guys, peace out.


  1. 52 chapters in, one for every week of the year, and still nothing has happened plot-wise? Oy vey.

    So, non-con sex with a sticky-gel-covered half-shifted were-beast with animal anatomy? I didn't know it was possible to make such a thing tedious, but LKH has managed to do exactly that.

    1. It becomes much worse when you realize...trees died for this.

      We have sacrificed atmosphere scrubbers and oxygen so that this may exist. And FYI, according to the numbers, it takes another book for LKH's sales to peak. This is one of her best selling books EVER.

  2. I thought she'd had sex with one of the weretigers in tiger form already? I can't keep up with this woman's sexual escapades.