Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Incubus Dreams--chapter 34-35

So in Anita Blake world, there are a lot of these college kids all standing around somebody much taller than them. This is Primo, apparently, and he's smacking them around because it makes sense in Anita Blake world, apparently. Buzz tries to defuse the situation by telling Primo to grow the fuck up, but he's apparently having too much fun throwing civilians around to bother.

This is officially the Worst Bodyguard Ever.

Anita pulls her gun because that's what badass people do, nevermind that she could go to jail if she shot someone, and nevermind that there are loads of people at the club stronger than she is. Primo continues to throw people around, and the chapter ends with Anita screaming "No" at Primo.

Well, that was a short one.

Next chapter: Anita makes Primo's arm explode using the powers of her mind.

I've read that paragraph multiple times, looking for what it really says, and I'm pretty confident THAT'S WHAT IT SAYS: Anita Blake explodes a vampire's arm using nothing but her mind.

Because she can do that now, apparently.

Isn't there supposed to be a murder plot eventually? Are we going to get to that soon?

A few paragraphs later it becomes clear she's not exploding his arm, she's cutting it. With the power of her mind. Apparently she's somehow gotten this power through Jean Claude's experimentation? And it works like stickerburs catching on an aura?

Anita continues to flay the skin off of Primo to get him to drop the man he's holding. The guy is dying from something and Anita needs to save him.

Seriously, several people have been beaten up by a vampire and one of them now requires mouth to mouth, and I'm not getting a single "This is a social and political disaster" vibe from any of the participants. Primo is damaging people. 

 Finally they get the dude away from Primo, after Anita has literally cut open every inch of Primo's skin, and the guy starts breathing again. And then Jean Claude says this:

Jean-Claude’s voice whispered in my ear, “If someone dies, I will have much more difficulty convincing them all that nothing bad happened here.”

Yeah, he's going to roll the entire club. That is not a solution. That's bad.

Primo rushes them again, starting with rage, which Anita drinks up somehow, because she has "bottomless rage" of her own. Then he rushes Nate, and Anita gets in the way, and there's a memory sequence, and then when it's over Primo is kneeling before Anita and calling her Master. Because this totally makes sense.

Anita takes a moment to wonder what all this work with the Marks is doing to Richard.

And then Anita realizes that Jean Claude has not fed his ardeur today and he needs to feed if he's going to take care of Primo.

They have a sexy kiss, and then Jean Claude rolls the club, and then mind controls Primo to show the club that everything is alright and okay and nobody was hurt, and that brunette from the alleyway that was jealous of Nathanial? Yeah, the chapter closes with a mind-controlled Primo being forced by Jean Claude to feel her up. Because this is all perfectly alright.

Fuck. This. Book.

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