Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Epic spam part deux

As earlier established, I've got a minor spam problem on the blog. I've kept it under control so you haven't noticed, but I get one or two little messages about forex trading or stock market tips or how to make your butt look small. And I like to play the "Spam bot or hungry college student" game, because every once in a while something utterly random drops in the spam filter.

Today, it happened again:

Its attachments to the bοneѕ originate on the baѕе of the hеad, shοulders, bасk and shοulders, feеt, buttock's and breasts. Some of these include avoiding having an episiotomy and the use or application of each one and looking for the perfect massage therapist, I work hard to gain financial ground?

Anatomy textbook copy pasta is apparently avoiding a serious operation with diverse uses and applications. It has decided to get a good massage therapist instead, but apparently lacks the funds to pay.

I am so totally turning that last one into a story, BTW. I just need to have the time.

1 comment:

  1. I am avoiding any massage studio where they give episiotomies like the plague.