Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quick ETA on Starbleached 3

Still on track. Doing final polishing of things as we speak. GOD I wish I didn't have to go to work right now.

We are still on track to drop the book April 2nd. It'll go up on Smashwords first, then Barnes and Noble and Amazon (Not due to a personal preference. Smashwords processes books much, much faster than Amazon and B&N can).

I sure hope you guys are as excited about this as I am.

Speaking of "exciting", I am literally one book sale away from breaking 200 books sold. Which I would really, REALLY love to pull off in March. It would be fucking awesome to go into April with 200 sales under my belt. So if there's a book of mine that you've been wanting and you just haven't bought it yet...yeah, I hate nagging for sales but one book, guys. Please? Pretty please?

(Note: If you already have everything and are waiting on pins and needles for Overseer's Own, and thus cannot help even though you'd love to you are the most awesome human being in the universe and I heart you forever.)

Also re: reviews. I have to get this done. At the moment, Anita Blake is getting in the way of Adry and Bryan. Reviews will begin again sometime on Monday.

Probably about the time I'm doing a find-and-replace for fucked up dialogue commas and my list of filter words. It's the last stage and I fucking hate it with the fire and passion of ten thousand suns.

In short, my dear loyal book and blog readers...almost there. We are ALMOST. THERE.

(One more book please? Pretty pretty please? I will squee with joy and do a raffle contest thingy to celebrate if we can do this before the end of the month. Please?)

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  1. It's 11:59 by my computer clock - so it's still March. I look forward to reading it! ^_^