Saturday, March 23, 2013


I think we're getting close to That Time here, folks. One more edit through and I hand things over to my proofreader (AKA Mom) and we start work on the cover.

And because it is time for us to drum up a little interest and enthusiasm, it is COUPON time!

I cannot emphasize how awesome Smashwords is. Other than DA, they're the retailer who offers the best author cut, they do a ton of work distributing things to other sellers so I don't have to. They deal with Apple so I don't have to, ect. ect. So if you don't have an account there, go get one.  Probably the awesomest part is, for those of you who hate the idea of putting your credit card information out there, they let you pay via Pay Pal. So you don't actually have to stress about that.

Now: promotional stuff.

Starbleached is free, and you have no idea how much that hurts. That's still my best book so far IMHO. Use this coupon: RB36X

Planet Bob is in on the action, too. Half off! Yep. 50% off. Planet Bob is now one dollar.  Basically it's two books for half price if you grab 'em both. Coupon is WN73R

Both coupons are good until April 10th. That's more than a week after Overseer's Own drops.

And last but not least, in a totally non-related update...Silver Bullet is now on smashwords. AND IT IS FREE TOO. FOREVER. NO COUPON. YOU CAN JUST DOWNLOAD THE BOOK. 


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