Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So. I got your good news and I got your bad news.

The Good News:We are smart and resourceful.

The Bad News: We are less than smart about backing up our data.

The Good News: Nobody saw what we did last night.

The Bad News: Three year old netbooks are not liquid proof.

The Good News: We are working very very hard right now and have enough money to replace broken things.

The Bad News: That sound the laptop is making while it boots up? Yeah. That's not a good sign.

The Good News: We've got almost everything backed up on our USB drives anyway, because we do all our important formatting work on our desktop computer. Also lots of print outs. Lots and lots of print outs.

The Bad News: "Almost Everything" Doesn't include the two books I wrote in the last month.

The Good News: We bought an IDE/SATA internal drive to USB adaptor back when we bought a new computer because we thought it would be a good idea.

The Bad news: That was last summer. We never actually used it.

The Good news: When Mom asked if we actually wanted to keep that thing? We said yes.

The Bad News: That was last summer. Storage in my life is kind of chronological. In other words...WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ADAPTER.

The Good News:  God helps you find things. Though it helps when your Mom has The Great Electronics Dump Box that also hold old cell phones, a nine year old Gameboy and a N64 memory cartridge from back in 1999.

The GREAT News: We got it working in thirty minutes. No Data has been lost. Crisis has been averted.Also: FREE STORAGE FOR ALL.

TL:DR I am an idiot, but I am an idiot with foresight. Anybody know the best way to store a salvaged harddrive?

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  1. Woot! So glad to hear you didn't lose any data! Those minutes or hours between having the compy go down and the recovery of data are nightmarish.
    We tend to store spare harddrives in anti-static bags, but if we run out of bags we just stack them in a drawer. Doesn't seem to harm them any.