Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last post for today and then I will stop

I'm posting my Starbleached playlist.

Because I want to.

Also because all of it is awesome, awesome music and I want to share all my things with everyone, everywhere, ever, so that we can all squee over the awesomeness together.

1. All Is Hell that ends Well--Two Steps from Hell --trailer music
2. 2nd Law: Unsustainable--Muse
3. 2nd Law: Isolated System--Muse
4. World Without End--Brand X Music --Trailer music
5. Control--VNV Nation
6. 3rd Planet--Modest Mouse
7. Search and Destroy--30 Seconds to Mars
8. Nova--VNV Nation
9. Cyber Slang--Brand X Music
10. Radioactive--Imagine Dragons--<3 am="" an="" br="" dragons="" fangirl.="" forever.="" i="" imagine="">
11. Human--Collide
12. Pro Victoria--VNV Nation
13. Sentinal--VNV Nation
14. Tomorrow Never Comes--VNV Nation--yeah. Them too.
15. This Unfolds--Four Tet
16. Artificial Nocturne--Metric
17. Madness--Muse
 18. Vice Verses--Switchfoot--Contemporary Christian band.
19. My Mind's Eye--Sirena
20. GO!--Santigold
21. American Dream--Jakatta
22. Misirlou--Wine and Alchemy---Don't bother going to Amazon for this one. It's an AWESOME local group that plays at the Ingleside Ren Faire. Albums can be found here.
23. Transfer--Collide
25. Revel in Contempt--Buke and Gass--weirdest band in my collection. YMMV.
26. Verum Aeternus--VNV Nation
27. Searching for Peeta--Hunger Games soundtrack--I cried.
28.  Leaving Lemuria--Jo Blankenburg--Trailer music
29. Dreams so Real--Metric
30. 24--Jem
31. Beautiful--Sarah Brightman
32. Promise--Thomas Bergersen--Trailer music
33. Between--Vienna Tang
34.  The Only Way--Gotye
35. Dirty Second Hands--Switchfoot
36. War is Coming--Epic Score--Trailer music
37. Who is Tyler Durden--Fight Club
38. Korben Dallas--Fifth Element soundtrack
39. Starstruck--Lady Gaga--Look. I have to have SOME pop music in my collection.
40. Kashmir--Wine and Alchemy
41. The Haunting--Black Halo
42. The Bad in Each Other--Feist--for the record, I loved this song LONG before Warm Bodies
43. Outt!--Buke and Gass
44. Herr Drosselmyer's Doll--Abney Park
45. Set Fire to the Rain--Adele
46. Stealing Fat--Fight Club soundtrack
47. White Rabbit--Collide
48. Guardians at the Gate--Audiomachine--Trailer music
49. Synaesthetic--Blue Man Group
50. Good Day--Britt Nicole--Christian artist.
51. Where There is Light--VNV Nation
52. Beautiful Ending--Barlowe Girl--Christian artist but DAMN. Piano OMG FTW. Every story everywhere should have this as its last song.

And if I were to pick any one song as the theme song for Starbleached, it would probably be either Control or Nova. So here are both via Youtube.

Seriously. VNV Nation is awesome and I heart everything about them forever.

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