Monday, March 18, 2013

Starbleached=EPUB+Deviantart art sale TOMORROW


Okay, so most of ya'll won't know (or care) why today is something I have been waiting for, so here it is: STARBLEACHED IS NO LONGER ENROLLED IN KDP SELECT.

What does that mean?

This. This is what it means. Starbleached is now an epub that you can get your hands on tonight. And Planet Bob is finally, finally, FINALLY on Barnes and Noble. So if you have been waiting on pins and needles to get a copy? GO GET ONE NOW.

Also, I updated the covers with shiny sci-fi text. Shinier than before, anyway. Take a gander:

Text effects. They are a bitch to do right, but damn.

...I think Spring Break broke Robot Susan. I need to get that fixed too.

Which brings me to the big Thing this month.

Tomorrow I am running a promotion on Deviant art. It's not a big thing, but it is A thing. So if you have a DA account, head on over to this page and fav things. And of course, if you haven't bought anything of mine, you have a DA account and you have extra points lying around that you have no plans to use anytime soon, buy a copy of whatever you like. Each file has epub, kindle and an HTML file because, shocking as this might sound, not everybody has an e-reader. 

And DA files will have a bonus or two thrown in for good measure, because the seller/host split is fucking sweet (20/80 split. I will happily trade amazon rankings nobody will ever actually give a shit about to keep that much of my sales).

I am also willing to discuss paypal sales here on the blog. DISCUSS. I am not ready to offer it yet because I have a feeling both doing it and doing the taxes on it will be almost as big of a pain as doing text effects was (...and, apparently, as getting the various websites to update the fucking covers is going to be, too.) 

(...I am no longer among those people. My ma bought me a Kindle fire. I am loving it.) 

So. Recap. STARBLEACHED IS NOW ON SMASHWORDS, BARNES AND NOBLE AND DEVIANTART. And it will hit Diesel and Kobo next week. Maybe. Shiny covers are shiny and I am running a big promotion over on DA, I would like your help.

(Seriously. Favs are all I ask for. Favs. Lots of favs.)

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  1. Epub files plus new shtuff? This is full of awesomeness. Let's see, payday Friday, buy new stuff on Saturday... Yep, looks like my weekend is planned.

    Oh here, have a cover of 'Iris'.