Friday, March 15, 2013

State of the CW

Tired is being a waitress in a coastal town during spring break.

Especially when Padre Island is only a very short drive away (...if you factor the OH FUCK IS IT LONG ferry line going to and from the island. Because oh fuck is it long) so all the spring breakers show up when the sun has gone down and you are literally counting the last few minutes of the shift.

And tonight we are open until ten.

Hold me.

Editing on Starbleached 3 is going. Slowly, but it is going. Mostly because I wake up tired and I look at the computer screen and all I think is I want to sleep more. I WILL MEET THE DEADLINE I SWEAR. I do not like breaking promises I make to you guys. And I know this is one of those books you are looking forward to.

Also, I have set aside a special part of my Deviantart account for my books.  As per my contracts with Amazon and Barnes and Noble they are the same price, but you get more things with the purchase.


Why is that a big deal? It means you epub readers can read it as an epub. And I get to paste it up everywhere and sell it.

Which means on the 19th I am having a major promotion on DA, as it is the easiest platform to advertise on so far. I will report how it goes. Hopefully, it will go well.

Now for the not-so-good news: Sales this month have sucked. I knew it going in because I did not have the material or the energy to do another release hard on the heels of Gray Fox. But I didn't expect it to be this bad. Seven sales at the midpoint for the month.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GUILT TRIP DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY SOMETHING YOU DID NOT PLAN TO BUY BECAUSE I AM COMPLAINING ON MY BLOG. This is my blog and my place to complain if I want to. If I know it's turned into a reader-guilt-trip circle jerk thing? I will enjoy it less.

I guess the great Moral of the Story is: dips happen. It is sad when sales dips happen, but one bad month after six-seven really good months? Does not equal a trend. I'm in the process of moving off an Amazon-exclusive marketing platform, which is good because Amazon=all the assholes, but is bad because Amazon has also=all the sales. It also means I am going to have to pull a couple titles off Amazon completely to offer them as freebies elsewhere, because Amazon's contract says so and I follow my contracts.

The adjustment period is just going to suck. :(

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