Monday, February 11, 2013

Epic spam is EPIC

Ever since I allowed Anonymous postings and ditched the captcha, I've been getting spam.

It's no big deal. I can handle it.

What's facinating is trying to decide if this is a bot spamming me, or if it is a real human being typing random things and getting paid for spamming the crap out of my site. I'm 90% sure it's a bot, because the shit that gets posted is VERY general, and usually followed by a link to some site about gold buying or FOREX or MAKE MONEY FAST or some other garbage like that.

But the general stuff...up until today it has all been, basically "Gee I really like this site, I think you have good information, and can you tell me how you did your layout? Here's a link to my site: UTTER BULLSHIT"

Today, however, today, my dear blog readers, I got something unique. It's special. And I just have to share with the rest of you:

Haѵing had hег request refused, the old mansion in the days following the murdеrs show horrοг haрpеned in thе social netwoгk. 1/4 yard of any type of green ribbon, at lеast in the room, but the tapping was comіng from a ghostly high, all the while outωitting extinсtion? Numеrоus acсidents resultіng in seriοus or fаtal injuries when his hеad slammed into а bow. The ѵoiсe of a thriving timber industry, anԁ the aveгage number of shapеѕ, sizeѕ аnԁ colorѕ οf chaiгs

I've been looking at this all day, and I can't bring myself to delete it. I don't know what's better: How this is VERY obviously several kinds of content spooled into one--I think a decorating site was involved?-- the bizzare random characters where actual letters ought to be--check that W in "outwitting"--or the fact that, if you read it like it's an actual story, this is utterly fucking horrifying.

See, there's this old haunted mansion, and Facebook is involved, and somebody bought green ribbon, only a ghost interrupted and decided to exterminate the human race by stomping on people with trees until they are flexible to tie into pretty bows around random wedding chairs. 

With the ribbon. 


  1. A team of paranormal researchers and their camera crew enter a haunted house. Two days later a producer receives that email from one of the researchers.

    And then silence.

  2. This should totally be a story