Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The ultimate in divided priorities

Things I need to do today:
-fix things on Smashwords because they just told me they are broken
-work on the picture I've been ignoring for a year and a half
-write new things
-edit old things
-be in good condition for work in case co-workers decide hangover is more important than going to work today.

How I actually feel today:

I was fine when I wrote the review today. Now I am not. Send chocolate. Or a hysterectomy. Either works.


  1. How 'bout a chocolate hysterectomy?


    Yeah, that... That made a lot more sense before I typed it out.



  2. ungggh, periods are the WORST. you have ALL my sympathy right now

    1. There has to be an easier form of reproduction. Pollenation. Anything that's less painful.

      It's an emotional cycle this time around thank God, and not a physical one. Emotional ones, I go through what happened yesterday, where just about anything negative is enough to have me weepy and on the verge of a relapse, but it means the physical stuff is a little less severe. I'd much rather be a little upset than have bad cramps. I've had 'em bad enough that I've passed out in public restrooms before.

      It's days like this that I remember that line from Hellboy 2: "My body is a temple" "Now' it's an amusement park"

      My rides are broken. :(

  3. One wonderful thing about menopause is that you don't have periods any more. I have friends who were depressed at the loss of their fertility. I was delighted. And except for a period when I wanted to murder anyone who irritated me, I was mostly symptom-free.