Monday, October 14, 2013

Micah chapter 11 + book update...things

Okay, it's time for an update on the book:

It's coming. It's in better shape than it was last week. I found a couple of very major plot flaws that had to be fixed and reorganized and that's what's thrown me off my game (that and the whole money thing). I lost most of this weekend to being sick and to computer issues (grumble grumble fucking corrupted photoshop file) but I feel safe in stating that we are in the home stretch. So the last installment of Dragon Breath will be done fairly soon.


Barring a total disaster.

In a not-entirely unrelated note, I discovered that you are supposed to dust the inside of your computer. I did not know this. My computer is officially a fucking saint.

 *sigh* back to Micah.

Micah is calm.

This requires several paragraphs.

Then somehow Anita and Micah manage to make the itty bitty cut she made for her ritual start gushing like a fatal hemmorage, but only when they're touching. Because sexual arousal does that. The court reporter starts vomiting in a corner.

Anita walks her entire protective circle completely fucking distracted by random chipmunks.

I might be wrong here, but I do not think this protective circle should be a functioning entity.  It's a nit-picky little thing, but I'm fairly confident that not focusing on you magical ritual means your ritual should fail. The text even acknowledges this...and then goes on ahead and does the circle anyway, because apparently Micah's blood is all it takes. Micah is literally magic, ya'll.

Micah and Anita start screaming when the power hits. I am horrible and imagining them both having a full blown orgasm in front of an entire out-of-state court of law. Anita is so overwhelmed by her power that she says "fuck the legal system" and raises her target just like that. No pause to discuss things with the judge and the rest of the gang. Nope. Just random zombie!

We waste several paragraphs on Anita pawing through the dirt. We find out she has never done this before.

And then the zombie sees Salvia and the shit hits the fan.

See, zombies are easy to raise unless they've been murdered. Then they turn into a starving pitbull and their murderer is the t-bone stake dangling in front of them. They will go through everything until they get their hands on the percieved murderer--not the actual one, just the one they think killed them--and then get to be laid to rest.

And this zombie thinks that Salvia murdered him--despite being dead of natural causes--because Salvia stuck the molested body of a child in his car.

The body of a kid murdered by the son of a mob boss.

So let me lay this out for ya'll, just so that you're really clear: A man is framed for pedophilia by the mob so that they can 1. get rid of a witness and 2. take care of their own, and he dies before he can testify. He thinks that the guys who framed him murdered him, something that Anita doesn't know when she raises him. It's been pounded into our heads over and over and over again that you DO NOT RAISE MURDER VICTIMS EVER, so this is about as big an OH SHIT moment as this series has ever had...


He keeps beating against the protective circle and Anita feels it give. Well, you probably should have spent more time on your ritual and less time following chipmunks.

 Anita is expending all her energy to keep the murderous zombie in her circle and away from Salvia when Salvia's goon shoots her in the arm from somewhere across the graveyard. Her sheild pops like a soap bubble, and when she jumps the zombie he throws her against a gravestone.

End of chapter.

Guys, there is one chapter left in this book. The famous "I can't be arsed to plot out all the lose ends" summery chapter LKH is so good at.

This book didn't even last a WEEK.



  1. I admit that I would be UTTERLY focused on the chipmunks XD

    I am also so tired on that "zombie murder victims will try to kill whoever killed them!" because it is a retcon, ugh. At least this answers my question of 'can the zombie be wrong about who killed them/do they just automatically know or...?'

  2. "I might be wrong here, but I do not think this protective circle should be a functioning entity. It's a nit-picky little thing, but I'm fairly confident that not focusing on you magical ritual means your ritual should fail."

    I'm right there with you. But then, by the time we get to Affliction she doesn't need any of the ritual trappings to create a circle to hold in an ancient master vamp with half the MoD's power, so I guess half-distracted Anita is still more competent than anyone else in her universe. Bleh.

  3. For a circle to function I feel confident saying it must be cast with intent, that is focused will.