Wednesday, November 21, 2012

City of Bones: The movie Trailer+ CW's books update

You know, I didn't think the movie was this far along:

How do I feel about this? Well, at least Clary screams when she sees the Murder Trio take out a random boy. Also, Hoodie boy with a knife? That ain't the demon. That's Jace.

I'm going to hold off on doing another chapter because I have writing to do. I didn't realize this at the time, but the world building possibilities in Leythorne's world are FREAKING ENDLESS. They don't have a government or a culture or...well, much of anything to speak of right now, so I get to build it from the ground up as I write it. It's kind of...awesome. At the moment the driving question behind the next Gray Prince book is how to you 1. define currency when gold is less valuable than food and 2. how do you motivate people to work, while still guaranteeing certain basic rights (Nobody sleeps in the cold and nobody starves) and then, of course, the offshoot to question three: How do you deal with a system of government built on idealism when it starts breaking down? I am totally unqualified to answer any of this, but I am going to try.

A sneek peek at Planet Bob, the next Starbleached book, was not in This Found Thing because it is a mess. I *think* I know where I want it to go, and TFT was just as big of a mess as Planet Bob. (FYI the climax scene? Was smack dab in the middle during the first draft.) and it came out good, IMHO. 

There is a reason I haven't put it up on Smashwords yet, and I DEARLY want to discuss this with you guys. So far the ONLY way I've managed to sell any books is by first making them free via Amazon's KDP select program. The downside is, I can only sell them on Amazon. And I really want this book to sell, not quite so much for the money (though to be honest, I'd like that too) but because this is tied into my (if you'll pardon the momentary sappiness) heart project, the trilogy of novels-that-never-were, that will rise again if I can manage to build an audience for them. So right now I'm debating what to do. Several titles go off KDP Select next month: Silver Bullet, Starbleached, and Rise of the Winterlord, which is now just the first couple scenes of This Found Thing. My intention has been to put Silver Bullet and RotW on Smashwords as free things, because Amazon will eventually pick this up, and then keep Starbleached in KDP Select, because it's selling the best. (I am assuming most of my Blog Readers that buy my books bought that book, that you are all waiting with baited breath for Planet Bob, and that you're wishing I'd get over this fantasy stuff and go right straight back to sci-fi. Sorry. I have a plan and that is not it)

I guess my point is, the Buy Day exparament told me that...well...AND THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS AN OFFENSIVE SLUR TO YOU! guys don't want to read my books. Or, at least, you don't want to pay for them. Which is sad, but something that I wanted to know, and now I do know it. (Actually this whole self publishing thing has pretty much shown me that the pros were right and I really do suck as a writer, but ya'll are really sick of hearing that, so that's the ONLY time I'll say that this month I promise) So here's the thing. I know one of you is waiting on me putting the book on Smashwords, which I will do on Monday because I kind of made that promise, but if sales don't pick up a little bit (read as: book sold to someone I cannot immediately account for because they showed up at my house/facebook page/place of work and chanted "I bought your book! I bought your book!". I will settle for ONE SALE) by the end of the year, then new books go on KDP select. It sucks, but if that's the kind of house we live in I'm going to live the heck out of it.

And I know all that is depressing nonsense so here is a .gif of a kitty. Be happy.


  1. I'll buy the book on Amazon if that what works for you. I don't like Kindle, but there are workarounds.

    I've been having trouble with Amazon because I've logged in to my account through servers registered in different countries (Work uses a US-based server, phone uses one registered in Ontario, wireless at coffee shop uses a different one again...), and using different a different credit card for each purchase (My own for a few, but pre-paid ones for most because that's how I prefer to shop online). Amazon's reaction to all this has been to demand I prove I'm a legitimate person and not a horrible horrible pirate of some sort. But they've finally agreed to allow me to buy stuff again, so yay.

  2. Also, that movie looks really amazingly derivative of, well, about a half-dozen other recent urban fantasy flicks. But at least the actress decided to play Clare as appropriately freaked out.

    1. If I honestly didn't know this was CoB movie I wouldn't have guessed it. My first thought KNOWING it was CoB movie was "...that shitty Nic Cage Sorcerer's Apprentice movie got a sequel? WHY!?" and it took Clary's squealing to fix that.

      I also saw the trailer for "The Host" and naturally, not only does it look like, well, Twilight with sci-fi tech but it uses one of my favorite songs as the trailer music. Because using ACTUAL trailer music, of which there are many many kick ass songs, is asking too much of Hollywood.

      (It'll go on Smashwords as soon as my headache stops bugging me. It staying on smashwords is another thing entirely. IDK at this point what I'm going to do. Amazon helps, if only because at this point, I'm selling enough from there to get simi-regular royalty checks. The cut off point is ten bucks. I'm making about 15 a month. On smashwords the cut off is higher and I don't sell NEARLY that much over there)

    2. Well, from a purely business perspective I say go with what makes the best return on time invested. And that sounds like Amazon. I can find workarounds for their idiotic policies.

      Hope your headache/nausea settles down soon.