Friday, November 16, 2012

Buy Day!

And now for my one post (I promise) of nothing but self indulgance, self promotion and outright begging. If you guys intend to ever actually pay me for one of my stories? Please do it today.

Please. It will make me feel good. And that will be quite a thing, as currently I feel as if my head is full of bees. If you buy this book it will make my day:

 But at the moment ANYTHING will make me smile like a kid in a candy store.

And kids? just as added incentive? I'm using what ya'll do today to decide when I release my full leingth novels...and if there will be more novels to come. Because if you guys make it clear you will PAY me for my work? Especially longer/bigger work? I will make bigger longer works to publish. And the only way I know you guys will do that IS IF YOU DO THAT THING.

So go buy my books. You can find them all here.

(if ya'll do nothing and/or bitch me out in the comments I promise to never do this exact thing again. I just wanna know what ya'll are capable of doing.)

Well? What are you waiting for? GO SPEND MONEY.


  1. Amazon is not cooperating. Main page and Kindle store both refuse to load for me. :(

    I'll keep trying, and let you know the results.