Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blog Review: Nesquester

So a buddy of mine asked me to do a review trade for him. He's an old-old old old old friend from WAY back in my Houston days, and when we connected back up on facebook I discovered that, like me, he'd gotten bit by the blog-review bug.

He and I decided to do a review exchange. This is my end.

It is difficult to review something that I heart as much as I do NESquester. The humor on this blog usually means I get a big head of ire up. NESquest is where I go when I need a giggle or two. He reviews old-school NES games in order of release. This is a little bit like saying that Niagra Falls is made of water. I would dread being the creator of a game that pissed him off. There are people who can curse, like yours truely, and then there are people who can use curses the way a guided missile uses radar.

What's really awesome is that he is doing EVERY NES game. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Which means there are a few turds in the pile, and more than a few gems that I certainly never ever heard of.

If there is one problem it is that he does not update often enough. But when he does, be it good or be it bad the review itself is a thing of gleaming beauty.

Go. Pay him many visits because he is, my loyal blog readers, far better at this game than I.

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