Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Harlequin--chapter 21

Richard has an existential crisis because his eyes won't turn back to blue.

On the one hand, it's a good point. Richard's defining characteristic, no matter what his incarnation, is his love for his own humanity. He values being human and he doesn't enjoy losing it. Jean Claude has just given him another sign--I have no idea how--that said humanity is going away, and probably every bit of shit he's had to deal with since he turned furry is slamming down on him like a load of bricks.

On the other hand, this has derailed the thing that derailed the thing that derailed the plot, and we have to go through AT LEAST two trainwrecks to get back to the actual plot here. Richard may need time to himself but LKH needs to derail at least one less times to give character emergancies validity.

Richard says that's how his eyes would look if he were the vampire. No, they'd be freaky brown instead of freaky blue. Which I would actually pay to see. I mean, wasn't a major character point with Requiem, Jean Claude and Asher that Belle Morte changed them to have a matched set of blue eyes?

Anita isn't sympathetic enough to Richard--in her defense, she's been through this before and she knows it isn't that big a deal--and Richard threatens to call her wolf and force her to change.

Everybody in this novel is a piece of shit. With the possible exception of Rafael, who is probably sitting out there hoping that Anita will develop blisters or something and let him off the hook.

His power pressed against me like a hot mattress,

 Apparently when the wolf comes forward it actually drives Anita's body forward by several feet, because she knocks Richard into a wall. Meanwhile the people outside this room/bathroom/broom closet are trying to get in.

The fire poured out from underneath my nails. I raised my hands in front of my face, wondering how fire was pouring out from underneath my nails, but it was blood . Blood pouring like burning rain from underneath my nails.

I don't understand how you can write that, re-read it, and decide that it was perfect. "Blood poured like fire from beneath my nails." There. You're done, and it's much more dramatic.

Jean Claude comes in, says that the marks are keeping Anita human. Clay tries to get Anita to give him her wolf, and Richard refuses, because Clay is his pack and his pack won't do that shit anymore. Jean Claude pulls rank and says that the pack is actually his because Richard belongs to him and that means the pack does too. Richard knocks Jean Claude on his ass because that's bullshit.

She gives her wolf to Clay, who goes 'splody and drenches her in were-goo. Rafael then comes over to her and lovingly picks her up in his arms and carries her into the fight so that Jean Claude can end it. And then LKH does it again.She stops naval-gazing and writes something I really, REALLY like:

I felt (Jean Claude's power) almost like a series of tumblers in a lock: click, and he took Richard’s blood lust, like a cup in his hand; click, and he turned that blood lust into another kind of lust; click, and he spilled it into me.
It's a good image. It fucking works. WHY DO YOU NOT DO MORE OF THIS LAURELL THIS IS WHAT WE WAN--

Oh fuck, nevermind. Anita's about to fuck Rafael now.

God I hate this book.

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