Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BOOK UPDATE+ Pretty arts!

The Perilous Choice is almost ready. Edits are nearly done (Either tonight or tomorrow) and I'll be doing the formatting and artwork over the next several days.

Drop date will be the fifteenth. Mark your calendars.

Here's a WIP of the coverart. I'm really proud of this.

Ships and water will figure predominantly in this one.

The thing that I enjoy the most about the Gray Prince books is that it's literally world building. Leythorne is building a civilization out of necessity. He's utterly fucking clueless when it comes to that, though, so that's where things get interesting. I'm shooting for a steampunk with magic kind of thing with his world, and what made this really, really cool (for me, anyway) is how much of the technology we use every day is based on something in the textile industry, which means, hey, this is something I kinda know and can build on.

Anyhoo, the best part about this book is that the groundwork for what's to come is now officially DONE. And I can move on from here.

Also: Isn't that a pretty boat?

To sum: Fifteenth, book drop, if you're interested you can go nab the other two books and get all caught up in the meantime. Enjoy, my lovelies, enjoy.

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