Saturday, January 18, 2014

State of the CW

So my computer is officially on life support. It won't stay on more than five minutes without "overheating". I put the quotes there because it's "overheating" doing text work in a fifty degree room. So either somebody's got it doing shit I don't know about, a sensor's busted, or it really is overheating in a freezing cold room. In all three cases I feel turning it on again would be a very bad idea. Taking it to a shop to have a new cooling system put in would be a good idea, but it's a three year old computer and I'm not sure the repair costs wouldn't be roughly the same as getting at least a refurbished, higher end model.

 Reviews are on hold until I get the kindle software set up on my mother's computer.

The good news is, my mother is a graphic artist and I can sponge off her computer and Photoshop for a while. (I redecorated the blog using the image files I posted the other day. All my fonts are on that other computer. All of them. I weep, my lovelies. WEEP)

The better news is that it's tax season and the return should be decent enough to let me get a good model. I'm just waiting on my W2s from the book retailers and hoping they won't spike the wheel too hard.

The Perilous Choice is out. I hope you are all enjoying it.Go get your copy if you haven't yet. It's awesome.

My goal for this year is to publish three full sized novels. Serialized like Dragon Breath. Starbleached: Liberty is the first one. Right now I'm bogged down on military research but I've got a good idea of where I'm going with it, and I'm just trying to get the details in place. How this should work, what I need to do for that. The big hint is Normandy.

Well, that's that. See ya'll when the reviews start up again.

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