Friday, May 24, 2013

Return of the Epic Spam

In Episode one we met a haunted house that liked to kill people via social media and then tie them into pretty bows around chairs. I think.

Well, the Epic Bot is back, and this time it has the plague:

For breakfast, I grab an orange from the refrigerator and allow it to function. What treatment of chickenpox rash is a Smallpox Symptoms. When using this cream you will want to be dead and just watching everybody while I chill rooms, treatment of chickenpox rash flicker the lights, and pull the drapes open and shut. A theatre has existed on this site since 1834. One of them had tears in his eyes. Your health care provider may talk to you about your symptoms. The term shingles has Latin connections. The man always paid.

So we have computerized oranges, and a disease that looks like chickenpox but is actually smallpox, and the only treatment makes you want to be dead. It also chills rooms and makes the lights flicker and creates poltergheist activity, so apparently you are posessed by ghosts in treating this plage. An old theater is involved, somehow, and it's weeping. OH, BUT THE TRUE HORROR IS REVEALED: SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. IT'S A LATIN CONSPIRACY TO STEAL ALL YOUR MONEY.

Epic spam. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

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