Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pallate Clenser

So let's lighten that mood, shall we?

First off, I've finished the first round of proof prep...stuff for the print book. Release date will be July 15th, be ready, be excited, be happy.

I started reviewing the last Starbleached book. Not last as in "Last in forever" but last as in "Season finale" because I NEED A BREAK YA'LL.

And OH MY GOD I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, I've sold 15 books so far this month. The goal is to break 365 by July 17th, and FINGERS CROSSED YA'LL I think I can do it.

You are awesome. Every single one of you are awesome. You put up with my whining, you put up with the fact that I can't spell or edit worth a damn, you keep on reading. I would not have done this without you, you guys are the awesomest people in the awesome universe and I bow before your zero-degree coolness.

In short, you guys rock socks, and I need to think up cool things to reward you guys with.

Please keep being awesome. Peace. Out.

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