Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Reading anyone?

Guys, you know I don't pelt you with "BUY MY BOOKS NOW" shit all the time, right?

Because you are all awesome and I respect you highly, and I don't want to beg. I want you to buy my books because you want to.

But look.

I'm one book away from breaking sixty this month. One. And I've got a little over twelve hours for the sale to count. And I'm really excited because that would not only make this the most Awesome Month Ever (Technically we're already there) but it would make hitting my goal for next month (365 books buy July) that much easier.

So IF YOU WERE ALREADY PLANNING ON BUYING A BOOK (This part is important, my lovelies) please do it today.

Thank you.

Oh, and here's a picture of the progress on the next book's cover. Don't say I never gave y'all anything. :D


  1. Okay. Book bought. On Amazon. That counts, right? :-) (I picked the fantasy one because I've already got Starbleached, and I'm still making my way to it, since my TBR pile is higher than a two-story building.

    1. LOL and THANK YOU!

      And I totally know that feeling. I've got my pile of Kindle books. I've got my pile of books from my last trip to Barnes and Noble, I've got my Half Price Books pile, and I'm not allowed in the used bookstore here in town anymore because I tend to take half their supply home.

      Books are the best friend that never goes away.

    2. Last time I was at the local indie bookstore, I got a button that says:
      "I'm not to be trusted in a bookstore with a credit card". Well, in my case, a debit card, but same difference, right?

      Worst thing is that my best friend and I have a standing bookstore date every frickin' week, so we never get caught up. Never. But -- yeah. Books are my "drug of choice".