Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snips know, MLP kind of ruined that rhyme for me

So I got my second proof for Starbleached today. It looks alright. The title font is a big improvement, as are...uh, other top secrety things. That said, I have found more typos. I have found more rivers. The font is darker than pitch and will necessitate yet another round of color adjustments. And then probably a third proof. Which should be the last proof. Which probably won't be the last proof because as previously established I'm kind of a lazy ass. I'm irritated.

I'm also continuing to review Valkerie, the "season finale" book for Starbleached. It was, more or less, the book I've been slowly dragging my heels towards since I decided that Starbleached wasn't going to be a stand-alone thing.

It's gonna be fun cleaning this one up. :D

I've hit a kind of art-block. Covers are fun, but I've got three or four pictures sitting on my harddrive that I can't finish. One of them has been there for a couple of years. I'm gonna see if I can't fix that logjam but until then, I'm mostly staring at Photoshop and then jumping over to play minecraft for a few hours.

I go back to serious book-work on Monday. Oh, look, there's a new countdown! I love the countdowns. Mostly because they start making me shit myself when they hit the single digits.

The big reason I'm taking a soft break from both series for the summer is...I have to do a lot of outlining. A. LOT. OF. OUTLINES. Not so much for Starbleached because the next episode in that adventure is relatively straight forward, but Exiles...Yeah, I sat down the other day and wrote out exactly what I'll need to do to get the story pointed at the already written novel's direction (I have three full length novels sitting on my harddrive, FYI) and OH MY GOD THE WORK. THE WORK. It's like, two more Exiles novels, about three unrelated novels and a whole bunch of little filler short stories to get everything into place. I need to figure out what, exactly, all those things are.

Also? Summer is going to be a lot of ungodly, unholy work IRL. I live in a resort town, which means our population TRIPLES in the summer. This means CW makes lots of money, and CW gets very tired, and CW's internet crashes at 9 PM like a sundrunk toddler after a day at the beach. It's been two years. It hasn't changed yet. Except that last year we had a slow season and this year we haven't.

I don't want to deal with writing first drafts. I hate writing first drafts. I like having this big pile of words that I can play with and refine and sift through like I'm panning for gold. Writing the first draft is always like having surgery without anesthesia. The patient keeps moving around and sometimes they hit me. I also don't think it's a lot of fun for the patient.

Have fun, my loyal blog-readers and book-readers.

OH, and Taker will be free tomorrow, drop by Amazon and snag a copy for weekend reading.

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