Monday, May 13, 2013

Cerulean Sins--Chapter 55

So the FBI agent who barges in on Anita and Zerbowski and the crime scene is a good guy. Well, at least we're bypassing the steriotypical pissing contest one would normally expect.

Bradley Bradford (gag) hands Zerbowski a photo of the killer. Yeah, there was a store with a surveillance camera that caught the whole thing. The tub apparently contains the body parts of two women. Apparently the apartment is owned by two women, and the physical description of these two women matches the two women in the photo with the men.

There are about nine jumps of logic here. Jumps that the cops would take anyway, but without the attitude of "GOD HAS SMILED ON US THE CASE IS SOLVED" that Mr. Bradford is producing. Cops would be a little leery of bursting into celebratory song and dance because, HELLO, the bodies are in parts, and it is strongly implied that no one is removing them yet. So unless there are two heads in relatively good condition, you have NO IDEA who those bodies are yet. Yes. They are probably the women who own the apartment. The cops would still check to make sure.

Eventually Anita acknowledges that the dude in the picture could be on the bottom of the bathtub, and categorizes him as pretty, but not "Richard pretty".


Oh, and there's something fishy about how care-y share-y Mr. Bradford is, but this is bypassed so that Anita can compare every male to her ex boyfriend.

While standing in a puddle of blood that threatens to spill into her shoes.

Because priorities.

So in the middle of all of this, Laurel K. Hamilton realizes that she has her plot in like, six different boxes and it's time to try to shove it all into one, because the "natural punk" cop calls Anita and says that another detective has picked the same two photographs Anita did! A scene I actually liked because that nagging "I know these dudes but I can't place them" Feeling is good cop work. Anyhoo, Anita realizes that the two men she picked out were from the cemetery scene WAYYYYYYYYYYY back in the beginning of the book. They were body guards for one of the parties, either the insurance people or the distressed wife. Anita decides that they are Friends of the Aryan Terrorist, even though Aryan Terrorist has given no indication that he has those buddies. She also decides that the dude in the survaliance video with the two women are Friends of the Aryan Terrorist. Bradley Bradford is giving her "blank cop face". Anita also decides that the murderer is a Friend of the Aryan Terrorist, even though Natural Punk Cop AKA Detective O'Brien says there's no evidence. Anita knows better than the cops.

This happens:

“Fine, O’Brien, fine, you’re the detective in charge.”

 “Nice of you to remember that.” She hung up on me.
 I said a very heartfelt, “Bitch!”
Zerbowski and the others get pissed that O'Brien has been sitting on the best clue possible in their case. Except there are NO connections between the murders and the Aryan Terrorist, other than what Anita has been saying, and the murders aren't O'Brien's case, so there's no reason for her to go "Hey, my guys who tried to stalk your crazy-ass paranormal consultant and failed spectacularly, who turned out to be overpowered super Aryan Terrorists, are interesting. There's no evidence that connects them to the horribleness you have to deal with, but they're interesting. Want to take time away from your investigation to look at the mfor a while?"

Zerbowski and Other Cop run off to get a marked police car. Anita and Bradley Bradford (SERIOUSLY. WHO WOULD NAME THEIR KID "BRAD" TWICE?) talk. Someone named Van Anders is brought up, and he probably came up earlier in the novel but I CANNOT remember his name. Double Brad tells Anita that  in exchange for help getting Rapey the Werewolf dead, the Aryan Terrorist and his buddy ill get escorted out of the country, no questions asked.

Anita gives him the name and general description of her client from way back in the first chapter. Who has not come up since then, because there is no plot.

Zerbowski comes back with the car. The chapter ends before we pull the entire plot out of Anita's ass, but we're about halfway there.

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