Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Danse Macabre--chapter 26

Time for Anita to angst about having sex for all the wrong reasons. Again.

Part of me hopes that someday I get over being so damned uncomfortable about group scenes like this;
Here's the thing about Anita's guilt trips: It's never for the right reason. Here. Let's go over the things Anita Angsts About:

Having sex. Having sex with more than one person. Falling in love with someone. Not loving someone. Not conforming to normal standards of proper. Not being blond.

Things Anita Should Angst About But Does Not:

Raping Richard. Being so unable to control her powers she literally breaks people. Raping Auggie. Raping all of Auggie's people.

Seriously, this list could go on and on and on and on.

LKH then proves that she doesn't understand what "Choosing between the lesser of two evils" means and has Anita yearn to choose the "Lesser Good".

Blazing blue fuck, Anita, you do that ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Every time you make a choice, and I mean every single fucking time, you choose the least good option. You choose not to regulate your power through eating normal food. You choose to feed your sex drive on people you goddamn fucking know are not strong enough to handle it. You choose to place yourself in questionable positions because you decide that a dick measuring contest is more important than any other consideration. You are HORRIBLE at police work because you literally cannot back the fuck down and let other people work. You choose over and over and over and OVER to ignore other people's boundaries and you choose more often than I can count to use your understanding of someone's personality to get what you want out of that person, after which you usually choose to discard them like trash. And you NEVER choose the lesser of two evils. Auggie, for example. The "lesser of two evils" would have been to fake an emergency phone call, or go for the very real one going on upstairs, and book it until you had decent backup and had a chance to get calmed back down. The choice was between letting two of your allies grouse at each other for ten minutes or raping one of them, and incidentally raping all the people they have with them. There is no way in fuck going for the latter option is choosing the lesser evil.

Finally Anita understands that she basically broke Requiem, and after going through great pains to make her emotional pain bigger than her actual crime, so, you know, she doesn't actually have to accept responsibility for it, she asks Jean Claude to fix it. Requiem is spread out on the bed, looking erotically wounded, and you have no idea how much I would have given to never have typed that.  Jean Claude says nothing, and Elinor, who is still in the room, asks Wicked and Truth, who are also still in the room, if it's possible for Jean Claude to fix things.

They bounce back and forth, implying that they've got the power to fix things but refusing to do so. Anita basically says "Fuck this shit" and commands Requiem to free himself from her power, otherwise she won't feed on him. This is like telling an addict that they need to sober up, or else they won't get any more cocaine. RECOVERY DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Requiem says he doesn't want to, so there.

Jean Claude suggests Anita use her necromancy to free Requiem. After a few minutes of back and forth, he says something like "I wanted to give my people shelter, not chains" and this makes Anita fall in love with him, and they get mushy all over each other. And of course this all has something to do with Richard, though fuck if I know what.

London, who is also still in the room, tells Anita to effectively shit or get off the pot. Either free Requiem, or stop angsting about it. Anita turns to do so....aaaaand the chapter ends.

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  1. Yup yup yup, you hit the nail on the head with all of these--- her guilt trips are never for the right reason, she will always pick the worst of two options, and she'll make sure her emotional pain over doing something bad is made a bigger deal than the actual bad thing she did so she doesn't have to fix it. HOW IS SHE MEANT TO BE AT ALL LIKEABLE