Thursday, November 21, 2013

Books and things

So we're having to revise the publishing schedule because I kind of botched it. So here's what my plan is for the next several months.

Today I'll be uploading the Gray Prince books and the Exiles Omnibus to Nook Press and Smashwords. Those of you who don't have copies because you don't like Amazon can now get copies.

I've also been working on a print version of the Starbleached omnibus. A month of purse-testing has proven that the book will survive. (AKA No Mommy I don't want to have to make another gargle-blarble PDF) So we're going to see how much of that I can get done over break. In the same vein, I'll start working on the Exiles Omnibus for print and a Dragonbreath...well, we'll get to that.

Third point: I'd like to lightly revise one thing. All the books published so far, I've kind of thought of as serialized novels. So Dragonbreath is one book, all the Exiles books are one story, all the Starbleached books are one story, and so on.

I told ya'll about a year and a half ago that I had a lot of books planned. Here's the Master List of what I've done and what I plan to do:

Starbleached (duh)
Liberty (AKA next big project)

Silver Bullet, Black Hounds (It's out)
Iron Bars, Silver Stars
Green Water, Golden Daughter
White Lies, Red Skies

Tales of the Gray Prince:
Sign of Eagles (AKA everything that's already released, plus one)
Sign of Bulls
Sign of Lions
Sign of Men 

 And after all that's done, I'll be publishing The Book, and then we'll see where we go from there. Obviously, this is gonna take a long, good while.

So as far as what you get to look forward to this coming year: Liberty, then the next Exiles book in the summer, and Leythorne gets his next ride in the winter. Sound good?


Now. I have to go do about sixteen million chapters, so if you'll pardon me....

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