Saturday, November 9, 2013

Danse Macabre--chapter 19

So Richard leaves because he doesn't like sharing Anita--it's fair, some people are naturally monogamous. Richard is a shit for not accepting that Anita isn't and either dealing or moving the fuck on, but that's penny ante-shit compared to, you know, being Anita's fucking rape victim--and everybody is happy because that means everybody gets to dog-pile in bed with Anita...

...with one very big exception. Anita doesn't like waking up next to Jean Claude because Jean Claude wakes up dead. Nate calls attention to how unfair it is to "kick you out of your own bed" and Jean Claude displays the hypocritsy of a champ:

Jean-Claude turned back, and said, “Ma petite is not comfortable when I die at dawn. We will respect her sensibilities in this tonight. She has had enough shocks for one night.”
Richard doesn't like having sexual contact with other men. He's an evil mcevil evilstine homophobe for this. Anita doesn't like having sexual contact with things that are openly dead. Not sticking dead things in her bed is "respecting her sensibilities".

We don't know why Richard doesn't like having sex with men. (Being in Rania and Marcus's pack back when Rania and Gabriel were making pornographic torture-snuff films with other weres specifically because weres will heal from just about everything so they did everything they could MIGHT have something to do with that) We don't need to know why Richard doesn't want to have sex with men. He doesn't want to have sex. If a woman doesn't want to have sex with other women, it doesn't mean she's a homophobe either. It means that's not a turn on. Stating that not desiring something is indicative of -ist-ish behavior on your part is a manipulative tactic to get what the other person wants. If a dude of some other race told me that I was a racist because I didn't want to have sex with him, the gut reaction I'd get would be to have the sex to prove him wrong. (This does not necessarily mean that the racism accusation is or is not true. It's just that under those circumstances the accusation is manipulative)

And so to have Anita have the exact same reaction to one of her primary lovers and not get called an -ist for having it shows you exactly where the point is. It's not that Richard is a homophobe. It's that Richard isn't giving Anita what she wants ,which is friction free sex with lots of men and also Richard. She does not give one flying fuck what Richard wants (as evidenced when she raped him) but oh she sure does care about what she wants. For all we know, Marcus let Rania and Gabriel play "hide the gensui knife" with Richard during one of their porno flicks. Anita's reason for not wanting to wake up next to a dead Jean Claude is pretty shallow: She doesn't like dead things. She is not condemned for that. She shouldn't be condemned for that.

Micah then pushes for Antia to keep Jean Claude with her. Thus proving that Micah is just as big an asshole as Anita, if not moreso. And of course the Wondercock himself gets what he wants. Asher flounces out of the room.

You can throw whatever accusations you want at me for this statement, but I swear to god, I want a fucking gay character who is, in all other respects, fucking Thor.  BAMF, takes no shit, does not give a flying fuck what color his shirt is, let alone if it coordinates with his socks, and above all does not fucking flounce.

He'd get played by Ian McKellen.

Jean Claude's bed is black and red. Black and red theme for vampires. In other news, water's wet, hurricanes blow shit around and vacuums suck.

Jean-Claude had a room the size of a small warehouse that was full of clothes.

ppppffffHAHAHAHAHA Yeah. Jim Henson called. He came back from the dead to get his costume department back.

Nathaniel came back to the bed wearing absolutely nothing. I had one of those moments of discomfort. I’d seen him nude more times than I could count. I’d seen him nude in front of Micah and Jean-Claude more times than I could count. So why was I blushing?
Maybe because your author has a serious thing against consensual, openly desired sex?

“Come to bed, Anita,” he said, “you know you want to.” 
The anger was instantaneous. I wasn’t blushing when I raised my eyes back to him. “I don’t like being taken for granted, Nathaniel.” 
He sighed, and sat up, putting his muscular arms around his knees. “Don’t let the whole baby thing push you back. You’ve made a lot of progress in your comfort zones, don’t lose ground now.”
WOW. Just fucking WOW. So, like the stockholm syndrome and emotional manipulation is wearing off and it's all the baby's fault. HOW DO YOU THINK OF THIS SHIT? Wait. Nevermind. I don't want to know.

 Anita then starts freaking out over the anal sex between Jean Claude and Auggie.

You know, it seemed that Richard's disgust with the whole JC/Auggie/Anita thing centered on the issue of consent. Anita and Jean Claude Raped Augistine and all of his people. Richard did not say "How could you let that disgusting homosexual pair of monsters fuck each other on top of you" or anything like that. His issue was that Jean Claude and Anita collectively rolled another person and then screwed him and every person tied to him while he was in a state of dubious consent.

Anita is having issues with the actual sex act.

Richard is supposed to be the homophobe.

So now we watch Anita struggle through the realization that she liked watching homosexual sex between men. It takes a very long time for her to work her way through it. She asks Nate and Micah how they feel sleeping with someone who views them as a sex object.

Seriously. She asks them that.

Claudia points out that JC has been feeding off men exclusively since he started dating Anita because she'd have *issues* if he fed off other women.

Anita finally gets into the bed and the heavy petting session commenses.

Nathania tells Anita that she is his "favorite toy."

I know how I'd react to that:

Anita then compares everyone's penises to each other.

Jean Claude then offers to leave because he can't have sex without feeding first...but he doesn't leave, so it's just a lot of back and forth where Jean Claude says he needs to go and Anita plays with Micah's penis.

The chapter ends with a timeless quote from Nathanial:

"Suck my dick, so we can fuck."


  1. " If a dude of some other race told me that I was a racist because I didn't want to have sex with him, the gut reaction I'd get would be to have the sex to prove him wrong."

    Which is a big part of the reason second-wave feminism split away from the larger civil rights movement of the era.

  2. So she manages to scrape up enough whatever to type the word dick about what, every four books or so?

  3. "Stating that not desiring something is indicative of -ist-ish behavior on your part is a manipulative tactic... It's not that Richard is a homophobe. It's that Richard isn't giving Anita what she wants "

    OMG THAT IS EXACTLY IT. I've been trying to articulate what's wrong with this attitude besides it just not being factual and you hit the nail right on the head here. Do you mind if I mention that in my sporks the next time it comes up? I'll credit you for being the one who spotted it, of course!

    My Klaus (gay weretiger dude) is a fucking BAMF and manly as hell in most respects, but he *does* have a good fashion sense and, in fact, works in fashion, which he dryly cracks about being "so original for a gay man, I know" and thus does not FULLY escape stereotypes...but really, I swear, it seems like writers in general just don't know that bears exist (sub-culture of masculine hairy muscular and/or fat gay men) Kind of like how lesbians tend to be depicted as either gorgeous skinny L-Word types for men to drool over, or uber-butch caricatures to be laughed at contemptuously.


    ....the rest of it oh god I can't how is this real

    1. Have at it.

      I have a technicolor albino gay dwarf whose first reaction to trouble is "where the fuck's my Desert Eagle." (Technically Tim's not albino, but he doesn't know that dwarves have more than one race and that his coloring isn't a genetic disorder. The two people who would know aren't sharing the information because secrets are power and they're both assholes. All the earthside dwarves that he knows of are descendants of one family group. Earthside Fae in the Exiles universe are starving for genetic diversity) It's a pink gun. IDK if that fits the steriotype or not. (It'd be a tie-dye gun, but I don't think they make those. Tim would tie-dye the universe if you gave him eternity and an unlimited supply of multicolor neon duct tape)

      I kind of heart Tim. In terms of casting he's kind of stolen the entire Exiles series from the rest of the cast.

      Sir Ian should own all the things forever.