Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Wolf Gift chapters 35-36

Human news first:

I try to keep politics off the blog as much as possible, because I hate it with passion and fire, but OH MY FUCKING GOD I LOVE MY STATE RIGHT NOW SO MUCH, SO MUCH, SO FUCKING MUCH.

The state legislature, with a few exceptions, can go collectively jump off a cliff. BUT MY STATE HAS JUST PROVED IT IS AWESOME.

If you have no idea what brought that on you missed an AMAZING day in the Texas senate. Wendy Davis, the dem rep for Ft. Worth, KICKED FUCKING ASS. There was a very broad bill that would effectively shut down every abortion and planned parenthood clinic in the state, and She filibustered until she got shut down. She got shut down on one point of assistance (Somebody helped her with her back brace) and two points of germainess, which were such utter bullshit because those points were ultrasounds and Roe V. Wade.

Yes, folks. The Texas State Senate said that Roe v. Wade is not germaine to a discussion about abortion. I said I was proud of my state, not my state legislature. And oh my GOD am I proud of the people in this state.

Because it is only then that things got kickass awesome. If you were not watching the last hour of the live feed you are not living and you need to go find it now. Senator Watson and a Senator Leticia van de Putte stood up and started talking and did not stop for about forty-five minutes. People kept trying to move to start the vote on the bill (SB5) and finally, at 11:45 Van De Putte stood up and said the following:

"At what point does a female senator need to raise her hand or her voice to be heard over the male colleagues of the room?"

At which the gallery started cheering and screaming and did not fucking stop for twenty minutes.

I have no idea if the bill passed or not. It looks as if it did, by a half-assed mumbled barely audible THING thirty seconds before the session legally ended. But lawmaker stupidity aside, I am so fucking proud of my state right now. Not the legislature, but you know what? FUCK the legislature. I am no longer apolitical. The law stated that if a senator could stand up and talk without assistance, food, drink or bathroom break until the session ended, then the bill could not be voted on, and Wendy Davis did that. She played the fucking game legally and fairly, and the Republicans did not."Fair" is not mumbling vote results into the microphone that nobody can fucking understand. Wendy Davis and the people of the State of Texas entered this debate in good faith. Their opponents did not. If you don't play fair, you don't deserve to sit in any kind of important chair. Tonight my state proved that is not filled with assholes. It's just manned by them. But that can, will, and damn well should change.

Congratulations Republicans. You managed to knock me off the fence forever. And given that, until the last hour, I identified as a Republican? That's saying a lot.

It's pathetic that I now have to blog about this shit-tastic book after having watched the throw-down in the senate, especially since I have no idea how it ended, but I will.

(SERIOUSLY. I LOVE MY STATE, I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN MY STATE. I LOVE WENDY DAVIS. Everyone who moved against her in those last two minutes do not deserve to share the same ground as her and the awesome people who stood with her. That was not my state. My state were the people chanting Wendy's name from the gallery.)

SO. Where'd we leave Ruben?

...he;s throwing a party. Two people were fucking beheaded in his foyer, and he's throwing a party. There is no mention of the blood being mopped up but there is, however, a long description of cookies and pumpkin bread. Apparently this is for the cops and ambulances. Because, you know ,the way to respond to a beheading in your mansion's front hall is with a tray full of cookies.

Felix tells Phil and Grace, Ruben's parents, all about the Soviet Union's support of occult medical exparaments via Dr. Jaska. Because that plot wouldn't be nearly as interesting as one about Laura making salads and Ruben buying a ficus.

Grace decides that the Man Wolf is a human being suffering a horrible deformity. She is adamant that it could not possibly be an undiscovered species. The concept of werewolf isn't even mentioned.

Grace. You just watched it rip someone's head off with its mouth. This is not a logical assumption.

Of course, the stupidity from Grace's side of the room does not end there:

He’ll end up in the Smithsonian in a glass case. And we’ll tell our grandchildren that we once glimpsed him with our own eyes, during his brief and brilliant glory days, and he’ll be sentimentalized as a tragic figure— rather like the Elephant Man, in the end.”

First of all, there is a huge difference between "sentimentalizing" Joseph Merrick--AKA the Elephant Man--and doing the same with a murdering wolf-being who eats people. Merrick was an intelligent and incredibly gentle human being who suffered horribly throughout most of his life, and the running theory for how he died is that he tried to sleep laying down, rather than sitting up, and the weight of his own head snapped his neck. If you can read even a summary of his life's story and not want to sob uncontrollably, you are not a human being. The Man-Wolf is eating people. If you sentimentalize eating people there is something severely, severely wrong with you.

And then we switch over to Laura and the Baron, who are arranging fig newtons while they have a philosophical debate about the nature of morality.

A debate about morality.

Between an easily manipulated, emotionally damaged woman who is desperately seeking approval and a wolf-being who eats people.

...And it's still not as bad as the Texas senate. (...did they seriously just change the fucking time stamp on the motherfucking bill? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS)

Eventually everybody leaves, with an ongoing onslaught of philosophical stupidity flowing from Grace's mouth--thank you Anne Rice for switching the only not-brainwashed female over into babbling mouthpiece fountain mode for us--and a lot of really good points coming from Jim, which will be ignored because...this book has no idea what it's doing and never did.

End of chapter.

In the next chapter, Felix is comforting Laura while Ruben checks her out. He gets irritated, though, that Felix is standing next to his girl, so Felix steps away before things get real.

And then we find out that everything Felix did so far was to draw out Jaska and the other russian doctor, who was actually Behind The Whole Thing.

“Oh, she was the last of the governing committee that took us prisoner twenty years ago,” said Felix. “The very last, and Jaska her eager apprentice. It took a little provocation bringing her into it, but never mind that now. We couldn’t warn you, we couldn’t reassure you. And you do realize that not the slightest suspicion will ever attach to you or Stuart now for the Man Wolf’s attacks.”

And we have been reading about salads.

So all the wolves will be moving into the house, including the one setting up a false trail for the cops, and the sleeping arrangements are discussed in great. fucking. detail. because we absolutely need to know who is sleeping where.

And then we find out how Felix came to be captured, which is just filler because it has no actual bearing on this story.

Then it is established that the wolves--with the exception of Marrok--never got pissed that Ruben was so very public in his wonton murder of innocents. And then Felix and Ruben go out to run around and play as wolves and the chapter finally ends.

Almost done guys. ALMOST DONE.

(...Wendy Davis 2016. OH. MY. GOD.)

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