Thursday, January 10, 2013

State of the CW

I know, I know. Narcissus in Chains will (sadly) continue tomorrow. But it time for yet another one of these.

First up: Ho. Lee. Shit. Guys. This has been a good month so far on Amazon. Nineteen books sold so far this month, nine of which are Planet Bob. It's not earth-shakingly impressive, I know, but I told myself when I started this month I'd be happy if we ended with four. You guys totally rock.

That's the good news. Time for the so-so news.

The next book we release is going to be Gray Fox, the next Exiles book. I've decided that it'll be released Februrary 15th or later. Mostly because I'm drafting the sequel to Planet Bob right now, and it's harder than I thought it'd be. But! The good news is, it's gonna be Bryan's story this time around. From (mostly) his perspective. Which is part of why it's so hard to write this one. But I already know Gray Fox is going to be an ungodly slog, so release dates get pushed back a little bit.

I am in the process of assessing which series are successful (Starbleached! Holy crap!) and which ones are not. Right now my best sellers are Starbleached (62 copies since September) and Silver Bullet/Blue Ghosts  (25 and 13 copies, respectively). Tales of the Gray Prince are not doing so well. There is one more book gaurenteed, as it's already been written. Possibly one more after that. But, if sales don't dramatically improve I may wind up putting that story on hold for a while.

I've got a couple of ideas I can replace it with, and I'll probably bring it back later. But if it's not selling it makes no sense to hold onto it.

I've sold 129 books in total, so far. I am still not ready to get excited. But I'm willing to admit that might change by the end of the month.

And I have to say it again: YOU GUYS ROCK!

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  1. "I've sold 129 books in total, so far."

    Which is seriously awesome on an operating, distribution, and advertising budget of $0.00.