Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Narcissus in chains chapter 50

One chapter no matter how long it is, because I have to get back to editing soon.

Oh, right. Sex scene. This is going to take forever, isn't it?

WE KISSED , AND it was like melting from the mouth down.
It takes a very special kind of talent to make my gentalia try to climb back into my body on the very first sentence. I mean...EW. Seriously, your sex scene shouldn't make me think of I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream right out of the starting gate.

And then Micah starts grinding Anita, and Jean Claude...reacts. The text tries to imply that it's jealousy, but this is a hungry bi-sexual dude, and Micah has already been established as very pretty. I do not buy it, in other words. Also, when Jean Claude sinks teeth into Micah, he shifts his hands into claws and grabs Jean Claude's back, and then refuses to let go.

Meanwhile, Anita has her gun out.

And then Micah slits Jean Claude's throat and that's the end of the chapter.

Not kidding. This is not a rocks fall, everybody dies joke. Jean Claude opens Micah's throat in a feeding frenzy, Micah responds in kind, and the chapter closes with this sentence:

I was left standing there, watching them both bleed to death. Mother fucking son of a bitch.
Have I established how much this book sucks yet? Because this book sucks.


  1. It would have been a vast improvement on the series if they had died and, through Anita's bonds to JC as a Human Servant, taken her with them.

  2. OK, I get that they're both hypertough supernatural types and that Anita has seen them both come through a lot of damage unscathed. But outside of a comedy series, when two people rip out each other's throats in a mutual murder-suicide sex-act, I expect a little more reaction than "Mother fucking son of a bitch."

    Seriously. It sounds like the only thing bothering Anita here is that she didn't get laid and now she has to clean up a mess. Mother fucking son of a bitch.

  3. Well... that escalated rather quickly, didn't it?
    As a poly person (and also identify as many different things that LKH likes to look at and make up her own ideas how it works), it upsets me to NO END that she goes on about how Anita is poly, and she's done so much research on it and Blah Blah BLAH. You can't just... get another primary partner without talking about it, and then bring them over to your other partner to tell them. And then they have sex?

    Why do I feel like Anita isn't going to be in the wrong at all for this mess?

    1. Also, Anita can add as many new men as she wants whenever she wants, but her guys aren't allowed anyone else. They can sometimes have each other if she's involved, but that's it. Not being able to "share" Anita is treated like omg the worst thing ever. That ain't poly, that's a harem!

    2. To be fair, there are forms of polygamy where only one person has multiple partners, but it never seems like Anita ever communicates this with, nor gets the consent of her partners. It's always "You can't date anyone else (even if I broke up with you (Richard), or we're not dating (Jason)), and I'm going to bring home/ fuck anyone I want, and you just have to live with it (or in some cases, 'them' when she brings them home). And she gets away with it because they just love her so goddamn much, and she never meeeaaaaans to fall in love, she just never takes the proper precautions or takes any of the help her 'sweeties' beg her to take.

      *backs away from the keyboard now*

    3. I had the ins and outs of a polyamorous relationship explained to me by a friend. I could probably be in that "only one person has multiple partners" kind of relationship, because I'm naturally monogamous and I've never been jealous of somebody in my life.

      But you do have to be on the up and up with everybody in the relationship, and you DO have to spend time making sure that everybody's happy and healthy, and that you don't break the trust of the other people in the relationships. Cheating on people is the same no matter how many people are involved. So are abusive relationships and predatory behaviors.

  4. I'm not an expert on polyamorous relationships, but I guessed something was wrong here when the throat-slitting started.

    1. That is usually the first sign!