Wednesday, October 3, 2012

State of the CW

Alright, kids. Another review break. We need to go over some stuff.

Or rather, I need to post things because somebody MIGHT want 'fo for later. Moving on:

I wanted to clarify what this post was about. It's not about wanting more folk to buy my books or read my blogs (I just wrote that as bloods. WTF is wrong with my keyboard/head?) it was about me being an idiot and keeping all my agent/editor/publisher blog links AND READING THEM after I decided to self publish. Giving up on this shit is hard, kids. Jesus God is it hard.

The tattoo thing? I really do mean that. Other than that, though, IDK. But I am going to dump all those links before they manage to set me off again. If you're self publishing you got no business even looking at professional grade stuff anymore.

Okay. Depressive stuff done.

Unless you lot go NUTS on Blue Ghosts? I'm taking November off. To write. Because editing takes up most of my time and such, and I have plans. What are we planning?  Well, this is going to be my publishing schedule for the next long while:

November: Off w/possible tiny short story or two released. Will release non-story artwork to compensate. UNLESS YOU LOT GO NUTS. In which case I lose all free time forever and the schedule gets bumped up a month.

December: Prince of the Gray Keep, 30K or so. Sequel to Rise of the Winterlord (Which I have split off into its own little book, which is free for the rest of today over on Amazon) Series name is "Tales of the Gray Prince" so this would be the second one.

January: Planet Bob, sequel to Starbleached. I have no idea how long it will be. Probably 30k or so. Started writing this one several days ago, should be finished soon...ish.

February: Gray Fox, Exiles of Ambercross number 3. (also my birthday month!)

March: 3rd book in Tales of the Gray Prince. No title yet.

April: 3rd Starbleached book. No title yet.

May: Exiles of Ambercross 4 (Are you starting to see the pattern here?)

June: Tales of the Gray Prince 4

July: <---this is where things will get interesting. Really interesting, and this is why I'm going to take november off.

I started the Great Self Publishing Experiment July 4th of this year. So far things have been...well, okay. Ish. I don't know yet. Not excited, but not wholly disappointed yet, either. And I don't know what things will look like in July. I really don't. So this is what we're going to do.

If things stay pretty much the same? Starbleached 4, which will probably be called Valkerie. (BTW a title ahead of time usually means I have either 1. already written it or 2. have a plan for it. I have a plan, boys and girls, and all you need to know is the author hates you. I love you, but I love to screw with you more.)

If things go well? Like really, really well? I'm publishing a novel. Full leingh fantasy YA novel involving dragons. It is two thirds of the way finished and I am taking November off so I can punch that bad boy out of the park. I will know which way the door is swinging probably by April. We shall call this Project: Dragon until I have a title I am comfortable with. And I am the last one to toot my own horn, but this story? It is pretty damn badass if I do say so myself.

If things aren't quite ready for Project:Dragon by July? It'll be released in December. 

I'm also looking at marketing/advertising and such. There are a few inexpensive options I can play with, that I am playing with now. So that is what you get to look forward to.

AND! blog-readers! AND! Can I reveal something without spoiling it? Can I? Can I? I think I shall anyway. There are three full leingth novels at the end of Exiles. I know where Exiles will end. I do not know how long that series will be running--it's five books, minimum, and it's looking more like eight or nine because there are things I have yet to introduce and other things I have yet to resolve--so I cannot tell you how long it will be before you get to read those three books. But these are three finished, full leingth novels involving Casey Winter and company that will be released when it is time to do so.

Lots of things to think about. I'm adding a book schedule to the right hand side of the screen so you can keep track of it, if you want to.

Take care, gang! (Captive of Gor continues tomorrow!)

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  1. The publishing schedule sounds good. I'm looking forward to all the new stuff.

    (Quick note - Between spotty internet access at home and a Thanksgiving trip to Saskatchewan this weekend, downloading will be delayed until next week.)