Monday, October 15, 2012


Writing can be hard work sometimes.

Also? I hope to God I  can make Gray Fox (third Exiles novelette. ALMOST DONE) be something approaching good. It's going to require lots and lots of restructuring--I can see how to do it, and that's a really good sign--and a couple of other things.

Ah, well. I'm going to release a short story in November (No promises about the book trailer, though that IS another project I'll be working on) that shouldn't take too long to clean up. It's something I'd written a few years ago and forgotten about. It's also something that is going to be fun to do a cover for. I'm actually more excited about doing the artwork than I am about doing the story itself. And it's a story that I kind of love, so that's saying a lot.

...seriously. Lots and lots of work.

That is all. I needed a chance to vent to you guys.


  1. So of course you'll be doing Nanowrimo this year, right? ;)

  2. Probably. If I don't lose my brain between now and then.

  3. I was kidding, but if you do decide to jump in: