Saturday, April 20, 2013

EXILES 3, changes for summer plans, and other things

 First up: Review. As in today we will be absent one. My free time is gone today, due to certain co-workers calling in sick on my day job. The choice is either we make or deadline or we visit Anita Blake. And nobody wants to visit Anita Blake.

I will make up for it tomorrow, I swear.

Exiles. We are still on track, and that is all I will say on the matter.

In other news...I like selling books off of Amazon. I really do. The problem is...I don't really sell that many. And because I have set absurdly high goals for myself these next few months, I'm going to put Starbleached back on KDP Select. Another three months. Just to see if I can't keep sales of the other books up somewhere over "two."

It should be for sale at Barnes and Noble for the rest of today, but I make no promises. If you want an .epub copy and you haven't gotten one yet, you can get it on Barnes and Noble or on Deviantart. Or you can e-mail me at christwriter AT hotmail DOT com, and we'll see if we can't work something out.

NOW. OTHER THINGS. The sequel to This Found Thing is going to drop sometime in the next two months, I promise. I've gotten all of my writing for the next four months done and past done, so I should be able to push more out. I do not have an exact date--I'd like to get Black Hounds done first--but it's finally coming. Not that anybody's asked, but, you know, just in case somebody's been waiting patiently, it'll be here by the end of June. Probably before the end of May.

There you go. There's your update for the day. Now. Please excuse me, I have to go edit things.

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