Monday, May 5, 2014

And we have drop date! +other stuff

Yep, the countdown is started, the book is in as good a shape as it's gonna get, we're going to do artwork and formatting now and release the book itself on Friday.

The next book release will be the next Exiles book. It'll be like the Dragon Breath books: A full size novel released in nice, bite-sized chunks. I'm going to give it a late June/early July drop date. Why so late? Delaying it like that will let me offer it for preorders, as well as give me more time to whip it into shape.

In other news: Those of you who've hung around for a while will know one of my pet subjects is Why Vaccinating Your Children Is Important. Well, today I found the news story I REALLY haven't wanted to see.

Guys, that disease was GONE. For years. That is a nightmare disease and we BEAT IT. And then, because a bunch of low-minded opportunistic badly educated shitheads found the ears of other shitheads, it's back to the point that the WHO had to get involved. And not only is it back, it's back in countries that DO NOT currently have the infrastructure to stop it.

So yeah. Not a good situation going on in the wider world.

At any rate, artwork and formatting begins tonight when I get home, and we'll go from there. Take care, my lovelies, and get ready to buy books. :D

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