Friday, August 24, 2012

Sci-Fi Book of Mystery Update

I've made a pretty important decision regarding this book. Namely...I know everybody who is buying my other book is either a blog reader or my mom. (Hi Mom! Have you read it yet?) which means that I can't exactly do promotions for the book (IE offer it for free, offer discounts, ect) without making it unfair to you guys. Because you are loyal and wonderful human beings and you gave me money for Silver Bullet.

So ya'll are going to get the Sci-Fi Book of Mystery for free.

Now, because I am poor (and also because Amazon is an overbearing monopoly and will screw with your pricing on its website if you do special stuff anywhere else, and requires you to publish there and only there if you want to do special stuff through them) it won't be for the entire world, and it'll only be for one day. It's a reward for you guys. Here's how it's going to work:

1. You will need a Smashwords account, if you don't already have one. Do it. Smashwords is a good company, they sell every format you can think of, including printable plain text, and I get a bigger royalty cut if you buy it through them.

2. The book will go live. Probably near the end of the first week of September. I do not know exactly when, as it usually takes a day for them to process the book itself.

3. Smashwords has a coupon system.  I will post the code here. It'll be for the first full day after the book goes live, from midnight to midnight. I'll give you lots of warning. If you want to read The Sci-Fi Book of Mystery (Title pending) you'll go to Smashwords, pick up the book, enter the coupon, and then start reading.

I'd do it through Amazon, but the number of hoops I have to jump through to offer a book for free are numerous and not fun.

Why do I want to do this? Well...the best way to do promotions is to put stuff on sale. Which I'm not going to do, when I know the people who've supported me the most have already bought the thing for full price. It's not fair to ya'll. You get a free book, I get a free conscience for later promotions. Everybody is happy. Right? Right.

So remember, kids. Read my blog. Get free stuff.

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