Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A further complication of the flora and fauna around here is the pond.

My former stepfather (THANK YOU GOD) (sorry. I have issues) put the thing in the front yard. It holds about two buckets worth of water and has a non-functioning fountain. It breeds mosquetoes and frogs.

You know, the kind that Thomas eats.

Now, the smart thing to do is either 1. rip the pond out or 2. get the fountain working so the fucking vampire bugs can't breed in the water anymore. Instead, we leave it there and hope that the frogs will breed tadpoles and create more frogs.

Problem with this plan? Thomas. I swear to God that cat sits out there and waits for the frogs to show up. And they will show up because this is the only body of water for a hundred fifty feet or so in any direction. I can always tell when he's done the deed, because I find him sitting on the porch staring up at me with this vague, "I'm flying" look on his face. If cats had a theme song, his would be that M83 song about the magic frog that makes you fly (yes. There is a classy techno eighties style song about toad licking. And I like it to death, only it's about toad licking and I don't want to sing along with that.)

 One day that cat is going to grab something more dangerous than tree frogs and get into real trouble.

In other news--I'm about two thirds of the way through project two. It's going faster than I thought it would. It's going to have Faeries and ghosts in it, as well as a certain local landmark. Hey, you can't do a story in corpus without mentioning it at least once.

Sci-fi story does not have a title yet. It's got shades of Cain and Able to it, so I may wind up going in that direction. For the record? I hate naming these things. It always feels far too self-important and melodramatic.

Stay tuned for further updates guys and girls.


  1. "My former stepfather"


    "I hate naming these things. It always feels far too self-important and melodramatic."

    Just channel your inner Harlan Ellison. (Warning: May result in self-importance, melodrama, and groping of women while claiming to be a feminist.)

    Following up on the comments from previous post - You can get a lot of readers and a lot of feedback through that site. I'm on it's sister-site FFN just for the feedback. It lets me see what works and what doesn't work in my writing by looking at what people respond to.

  2. "Frog licking" I can just imagine your cat licking his frog flavoured lips contently with a "Cat ate the canary" grin.

    As for story titles, I usually think about the main idea that I'm writing about. Could be an idea or character. Whatever is anchoring my story. Sometimes I only discover it at the end x). So, no pressure xD

  3. Ian: I read "Repent, Harliquin, said the Tic Tock man" and found myself unable to stomach anything else by Ellison. Am exparamenting with Fictionpress. Will inform on how it goes.

    Rudhheniel: It's less Cat-with-canary and more Cheech and Chong. I have seen this cat catch hummingbirds out of mid-air, and he looks like a tiger. He catches a frog, he looks like he's more interested in all the pretty colors.

    Sometimes things suggest titles, but right now both stories are seriously stumping me. I know what both are about, more or less (Cain/Able for one, abuse recovery for the other--and you can take that with a grain of salt. I firmly believe that The Ghost and the Darkness is about the human mental progression in a time of crisis, and most people think it's just a bad Val Kilmer movie) but giving it a shiny shiny title to hang my hat on is...difficult.