Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daily Grind...stuff

Okay. Having made the Big Scary Announcement, it is time to do housecleaning. I have a plan. The bare, thin bones of one, anyway. And part of that plan is getting this place up and working again, get my twitter dusted off, and (gag me) using Facebook again.

I hate facebook. But, as we were saying...

This also means putting up all the artwork I've been sitting on for the past year or so. There's a lot of it. Not as much as I'd like for there to be, but it is there. And oooh, there's a finished one I've been sitting on for, like, FOREVER:

Snagged off my DA page 'cause I'm too lazy to resize.
Go here to check it out.

Interestingly enough, I was more scared of making the announcement than I was of actually DOING it. Mostly, because I feel people have expectations of me that I had to fit. You guys? Have been amazingly supportive in just the last 24hrs. It gives me hope.

Just don't go away on me, guys. I need ya. You have no idea how bad.

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  1. When you go back to Facebook, check all your privacy findings. Also, they assigned everyone a email address and put it on our profiles. There's an article on my wall about how to make it go away.

    Good to see you back. And I like the new art.