Series info: Exiles

These days, all magical thinking gets you is a big target on your back. Casey Winter has just discovered that Faeries are real...and that she's been writing about their home world for years. With the help of Tim the Dwarf, Abbey the mermaid, and the extremely hot elf Marco Creed, Casey has to hold her own against the Corpus Christi Faerie underground.Some of them want her talents, some of them want her autograph, and one of them wants her dead.

Books in this series:
Someone's trying to murder Casey Winter. When she's rescued by an Elf at the last minute, she's introduced to Corpus Christi's Faerie underground. Can she solve a mystery when the same powers that saved her life are also protecting her would-be killers?

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Casey Winter owes the Corpus Christi Faerie a favor. One of their most dangerous members is MIA, and all evidence points to the Lexington Museum as its current location. Backed by Marco Creed and his allies, catching the missing should be a breeze. Sure, the Lex is supposed to be haunted, but everyone knows there's no such thing as ghosts.


A dangerous newcomer plunges the entire Faerie underground into a deadly game of cat and mouse...and it threatens to take the rest of Corpus Christi down with it. If Casey wants to prevent a disaster, she has to team up with Raziel, a powerful warrior who is not one of her friends.

Black Hounds
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Corpus Christi's Faerie underground has a problem. A Phooka-specific problem. And it's Casey Winter's job to fix it.

Ero is guard dog for the local Elf. Casey knows he wants to eat her alive. Prix has been MIA for the better part of a year. She just turned up in a social worker's handbag. One of them is working for a dark Wizard who wants nothing less than to set the world on fire--starting with Casey Winter's demise.

Prix has put herself under Casey's protection and Ero has gone AWOL. Casey has to decide which monster to protect, and which to turn over to the Underground.

Guessing right will save an innocent life. Guessing wrong might just end the world...


  1. Next book in the series, Winter 2013? ;) Such a fun read I am looking forward to #5. :) Thanks for writing!

    1. No problem. Thanks for making my day. :D

      I do need to revamp all of this. I delayed a little bit to outline the next several series books and try to either save or raise more money for editing. Soon as I have things neat and straightened out, this and all the other series pages will be sorted out.