Review Suggestion Page

Alright gang, here's how it works.

Comment with what book and why. It doesn't have to be a terrible awful bad book, but that would be rather fun.

Here's what I've done so far:

Mission Earth: The Invader's Plan (1)
Captive of Gor
City of Bones
Narcissus in Chains

Here is what I plan to do next:

Save the Pearls

And here are the books I plan to do...eventually.

-Mission Earth --the rest of it. Maybe. 
 -Gor. *sigh* I am open to more Gor, but will need a break between books. I WILL NOT READ GOR BACK TO BACK. IT IS NOT FUN.
-LKH from Narcissus on. Because I can.
-The Caterpillar's Question, Piers Anthony. I HATE this book. 
-Everything else by Cassandra Clare. Maybe.
  -That Hideous Streingth. It's one of my favorite books but everybody else hates it. Maybe I can figure out why

Things I will not do unless you make me
-Twilight. It has been done to death already. You want Twilight, I will make you earn it.
-Fifty Shades of Gray It's being done over here by a real, professional author who is a lot funnier than I am. I don't want to compete with that.. Again. You want it badly enough, you can earn it. It's Twilight fan fiction with the serial numbers filed off.  


  1. Hey,

    This is my first book release and trying to stay clear of the big six so would highly value your feedback.

    Mode Of Living - the love based lifestyle uses academic theory to explain New Age claims, and bridges religion and science. Mode Of Living is the first manual for taking care of the material and immaterial aspects of a human being. It supplies the knowledge to expand conscious awareness to enable an individual to live a more satisfying life. The book is aimed at explaining what a person actually is, and their connection to the universe. My site gives you a fuller understanding of what the book is about.

    I would appreciate a review as soon as you could provide one. But I understand you must be very busy, so whenever is good for me.

  2. Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld and Indigo Court Series.

    This woman reminds me too much of LKH. Author avatar, check (Camille). Narcissism, check. Hot bishie boys, check. Polyamory is the ONLY way to go, check. Info-dumps, check. Fairy-inherited cavalier attitude towards sex to the point of taking over the plot, check. Dubious consent, rapey sex scenes and relationships, check. Etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum.

    I didn't get very far in to either series before I quit. I've yet to find anyone do a spork on these books and would love it if you're up for a go.

    1. Oh god. THOSE books. I actually did my very first spork of Bone Magic, which is over here

      In short: I think I'd kind of love to.