Thursday, May 26, 2011

Disturbing non-post.

So yesterday I bought a book to read. Beastly, it's worth reading (even if I did want to bat the main characters across the room mid-way through their romance) (also, kidnapping=good. :(   )

What bothered me was, I bought it at six and began reading it at about six thirty, seven. By the time a friend showed up at eight thirty, I'd been done with the book for a good long while.

Please. Please, please, please, please tell me I cannot finish a book, even a smallish YA book, in one hour.

I want long, sweeping paths of occupation when I buy a book. I don't want to go from store shelf to home shelves in the time it takes to cook a decent roast. Admittedly, I'll read it again. But could it have just lasted a bit longer the first time around?

Even more disturbing: Never been able to read my own novel in one sitting. Maybe this should become my next goal...

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