Wednesday, April 6, 2011

State of the CW

So I have moved. Pictures of new house shall soon be forthcoming.

Also started new job: waitressing. In community with large number of obscenely rich people. At a resturant that prides itself for its beer and wine selection. I never thought I would be grateful to alcohol before. :D

I like the new place and new job, if only because it lets me SLEEP. AT. NIGHT. and the new place is easier to keep clean. The only issue I have is that it is not within walking distance of anything. I shall have to aquire a bike. Possibly a car, but this is not desirable because cars come with USDA Approved Grade-A Pain-in-the-Ass, and I really don't want to do that right now.

Also I have a new toy. My birthday Charkha came in (thank you Dad. Thank you thank you thank you Dad) and I will have to show pictures. It is a testy little thing, but it and I are beginning to understand each other. I will, however, have to invest in a large amount of string, at least until I understand how to tie decent, non-fraying and above all SMALL knots. The drive cord is an iffy process.

Best of all? I am within walking distance of my mother (and certain other relatives who won't be named, speaking of A-grade pain in the ass) and her camera. Which means that she and I shall probably do a spinning demo together, and I can post pictures of how to do it, at least when you first start out. A movie camera would be better than a still camera, but I'm not going to look a gift SLR in the lens.

So expect many pictures and other things to be forthcoming, now that I am safe and moved and settled.

Second best in the move? I am not in my shitty apartment complex anymore. No more scalding hot water, no more people getting ROBBED IN THE PARKING LOT, no more gunshots at 2am. Admittedly that only happened once, but once is ENOUGH thank you. I feel very strongly for people who have to live in an inexpensive apartment complex, given that one of them was me, but I also feel very strongly about robbery and random gunshots. You don't get a choice about poverty, but you do get a choice about criminal behavior and if you want me to make the right decision re: you, do me the same favor, mmkay?

Also-also, I find it worth mentioning that rich people in Texas are generous tippers. Really. Generous. Tippers. And because waiters in the states get paid 2.13 an hr, this is a REALLY good thing. So, yeah. Come to Texas, tip the waitstaff. We like it. A lot.

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    Glad to hear you're doing good. Really glad to hear you're sleeping nights as well.

    And yeah, cars are expensive. Stick with a bike as long as you reasonably can.