Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why Good Communication Is Important

Work Rant Ahead!

So first off, we have the Continuing Freezer Debacle, wherein the bakery freezer is still full of crap that is either not ours, or not put on the shelves where it goes. For some reason (probably because they're the most stable, least fragile boxes in any given freezer load) my doughnuts wind up on the bottom of every load, every single time. So for the last couple of days my first hour or so is spent either putting shit away or looking for the load in everybody else's freezer. Complaining does nothing, because breaking the freezer down is the manager's job, according to the handy dandy assignment sheet that nobody pays any attention to. Ever. So our managers are, officially, not doing significant segments of their job.

One of my co-workers is pretty much unpleasant all the time, and she has decided that if she gets annoyed by, say, my leaving boxes on the table (so that the other overnighters can use the empty boxes) it's perfectly fine to throw them on the floor and then not say anything for twenty minutes. Because saying "please don't leave this shit on the table" is more work than THROWING BOXES ACROSS THE ROOM. I think her problem is, she used to be a supervisor and is now no longer one. And it irks her.

But the pinnicle of work-related bullshit came today, beginning when I arrived. There were little stickers everywhere, red and green ones, with an indecipherable key stuck up on one particular station. Several of the stickers are on the doughnut stuff, which means I need to know what they are. But I don't. Then, as I was getting ready to leave, the scratch baker training guys showed up to, well, train. Except the only person trained on scratch today was me, and I wasn't supposed to do any scratch. There had been no notes, no requests, nothing, and I was freaking the fuck out (and still am, obviously) because this was something corporate had ordered done and nobody was there to do it. And due to the law of gravity (and "Shit flows downhill") I knew somehow, this would be my fault. Nevermind that the big boss lady is the one that fucked up, and that I went directly to the Unit Director to discuss options, there would be a note that never arrived OR a phone call that never got phoned OR some other way in which the manager discharged her responsibilities.

There are just days when I hate my job.

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