Series Info: Tales of the Gray Prince

Haron Jinar was a kight of the Faerie King, until a terrible accident left him in the body of his realm's worst enemy. Separated from all allies, he must fight his way home. But his enemy is free, and in Haron's old body. Will Haron reach the shores of Ambercross, only to find that there's nothing left to save?

The first two chapters of This Found Thing. Think of it as TFT 0.5

Awakening in a dungeon in his enemy's body, Haron Jinar takes a new name and accepts a new battle. But everything in this strange land is poisoned...including his body. Can he win his freedom without losing his soul?

Our Daily Bread

The Duskin Lords have been overturned, and the slaves of the Gray Isles set free. But it seems that freedom is merely the right to starve.

Leythorne, exiled knight trapped in his enemy’s body, must find a way to lead. With the aid of Faerie and mortal alike, he saved the life of every man, woman and child on those islands…and now it is time to define how those lives ought to be lived. But when the hands he raises and the mind he uses both belonged to the greatest evil he ever knew, how can he trust any choice he makes?

And then dark sails appear on the horizon. The Gray Isles are running out of time…

The Perilous Choice
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Leythorne has survived war and the loss of his entire world. Absent from his king’s service, he’s freed the Gray Isles and begun the long process of rebuilding both its city and its people. Finally, the Isles have a chance to prosper.

But his heart is forever longing to be home.

Now, an artifact from a pirate ship bears the seal of Ambercross. The pirates could know the way back to Leythorne’s family and King…or they could bait in a dark trap. The body Leythorne lives in is not his own. It belongs to the Dark Prince of Ambercross, a dark wizard of great power. The power is Leythorne’s now, but so are the enemies. Countless forces would tear apart the world to see that body dead—or else make it theirs.

Leythorne will go to meet them.

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